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Tips for Dating a Confident Girl

Updated on January 23, 2013
Do confident girls need different things out of dating than less-confident girls?
Do confident girls need different things out of dating than less-confident girls? | Source

Holding the Heart of a Strong Woman

There are many types of confident girls--some are outgoing and vivacious, while others are reserved and self-assured. Some are eager to have a wide social circle of friends, and others are content with their own company. The spectrum of personalities confident girls may possess is a wide one.

However, if you're dating a confident girl, how should you treat her? Does the fact that she's confident mean she needs different kinds of attention or love than girls who are not? Read on for tips for dating a confident girl (based solely on the opinions of a girl who is, in fact, quite confident).

Treating a confident girl like an equal is one way to keep her by your side.
Treating a confident girl like an equal is one way to keep her by your side. | Source

Treat Her Like an Equal

Usually, a confident girl isn't one who will fade into the woodwork when it's time to make a decision. Instead, she'll want her voice and opinion heard, considered, and respected. In short, a confident girl will want to be treated like an equal. If you're a man who is used to taking the lead in the relationship and making the decisions on your own, without much input from the lady in your life, this may cause a personality clash with your signficiant other. However, don't take her self-assurance and desire to assert herself as being stubborn or pushy--chances are, a confident girl has a very articulate reason for why she wants (or doesn't want) to do something or make certain choices.

To treat a confident girl like an equal, consider the following:

  • Give weight to her opinions
  • Respect her decisions
  • Engage in honest, open conversations
  • Don't make decisions that affect the two of you without consulting her
  • Think about how you would like to be treated--and treat her accordingly

Really, the above are great rules for how to treat any woman!

One way to turn off a confident girl? By not listening when she talks.
One way to turn off a confident girl? By not listening when she talks. | Source

Treat Her Like She's Important

It's often easy, when you're in a relationship with a confident girl, to take her confidence in herself for granted and not put as much time into cultivating your relationship. Take note, though--someone with high self-esteem or who is assured in her decisions still needs to feel important. She needs to feel like she matters to you. If you neglect this part of your relationship, her confidence may slide--if not in herself, then in her relationship with you.

To treat a confident girl like she's important (because she is!):

  • Listen to her when she speaks
  • Remember her likes and dislikes
  • Let her know you appreciate her with flowers or cards at unexpected moments
  • Make time for her during the day, even if it's just a text
  • Get to know her friends and include them in your lives together
  • Take time to plan dates you know she'll like (and not just ones she's suggested)

If you're at the point where it's getting serious, also be sure to include her in family functions. If you're planning a future with you, she won't mind that you have a crazy uncle or a ex-convict cousin.

Give Her the Space She Needs (If She Needs It)

Confident girls are not likely to be clinging to the side of the man they love at every waking moment. Instead, she will feel comfortable living her own life, pursuing her own hobbies, and seeing her own friends. That's a great and healthy thing, as long as she's not doing it to the exclusion of your relationship. Confident girls will appreciate that you can give them space and do your own thing, too.

To give a confident girl the space she needs:

  • Don't be hurt if you're not automatically included in everything she does--it's okay if she has her own interests
  • Don't insist on spending all your time together
  • Don't pout if she needs time alone or with her girlfriends
  • Plan your own activities--don't mold your life around her schedule

Not So Sure Relationship Space is Healthy? Watch This Video.

Dating a Confident Girl: Parting Tips

Remember, just because a girl is confident doesn't mean she needs less attention or affection than any other type of girl. Tell her she's beautiful (because she is), listen to her like she's an intelligent equal (because she is), and give her space to be her person (because that's something everyone needs).


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