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Tips for Girls on How to Get a Summer Love

Updated on October 3, 2014
"Summer lovin' "
"Summer lovin' "

There is nothing more exciting than meeting a hot stranger on a tropical island! Summer love is full of fun, laughter and oh so romantic.

Get yourself beach ready

Get your hottest bikini and some suntan lotion ready because summer is here and you are about to meet a hot boy and have some summer lovin.'

Gather all your girl friends and head to the beach because that is where you will meet "Mr Romance" and take back some memorable moments.

Grab your bikini's

You and your girlfriends are off to the beach and you are all going to have a great time! There are a few easy steps for girls on how to have a summer love.

You need suntan lotion, a hot bikini, a little lipgloss and some confidence. Grab a sunhat and a sarong, take your buddies to the beach and make your holiday one that you will never forget.

Have fun! fun! fun! and while you are busy doing that you are sure to meet the boy of your dreams.

Step 1

Find out where all the locals hang out and organise for you and your friends to get to the "hot spot." Go online and get some information on the area that you are going to and if you are already on holiday than ask a local where all the hot guys are hanging out!

Step 2

Put on your hottest bikini, a sarong and head towards the locals beach. Sit yourselves down nearest to the lifeguard tower and suntan for a little whilst laughing and joking with the girls.

Once you have settled in and made an entrance than jump up and go for a swim. Take a walk to the cafe and get some drinks for you and your friends while you explore your options of hotties on the beach.

Show off your beach smile and the sparkle in your eyes
Show off your beach smile and the sparkle in your eyes

Step 3

I am certain that you have established whether there are hotties or not and if you have found some do not forget to make eye contact and give a little smile. (Not too seductive, just friendly.)

Walk back to your friends and wait for the boys to come to you!

A smile goes a long way!
A smile goes a long way!

Step 4

Act calm and collected when you are approached and never make yourself appear to available. Don't giggle yourself into a fit and just act natural.

Once the guy has come to you and introduced himself, find out a few things about him such as his interests, where he is from and where he hangs out.

Step 5

Get one of your friends to tell you that it is time to go and slowly start packing up your things.

While you are doing that find out where he will be later on and let him know that you will be around that area too!

If he doesn't get the hint than let him know that you will see him there.

White looks great with a tan
White looks great with a tan

Step 6

Go home and get yourself ready for a night on the town. Where something sexy but not too revealing and if you have a tan get a bright colour to compliment it!

Don't overdo the make-up and make sure that you are comfortable in what you are wearing so that you feel confident.

Step 7

You and your friends have arrived at the local night spot and to make an entrance make sure you are all happy and full of smiles while you walk over to the bar and order your drinks. Look around the room to see if you can spot the guy and if you do, make eye contact and smile than turn away and talk to your friends.

Do not get drunk!!! Nobody likes a cackling drunk so stay sober and just enjoy the atmosphere.

If he has seen you than he is sure to walk over and say hi.

Chat to him for a while and then tell him that you have to go, give him your number as you leave and tell him that you will see him on the beach.

Step 8

You haven't made yourself too easily available and now you are waiting for his call... Don't wait!

Get to the beach and allow one of your friends to chat up some other guys, go past your boy and say hi and leave the beach. This will make him call you straight away rather than play the guy game (waiting a day or two to call you to avoid looking desperate.)

When he does call you don't act like a crazy person and keep your friends from laughing over the phone.

By now he wants to meet up with you alone and this is where you get your chance to have a little romance!

Keep it light and simple
Keep it light and simple

Step 9

Keep it simple and don't go falling head over heels because all you want to do is have a little fun and romance with stories to take back home.

Meet up for a drink or dinner and keep it casual. If you enjoy talking to him that's great but remember that when summer is over so is your love... Or maybe not?

So just enjoy hanging out, getting spoilt and feeling the love in the moment that you are in!

Group hang outs are fun and they keep you out of trouble but enjoy his company too and go to all the places that he loves to go to so that you can enjoy the holiday venues.

Summer love should be fun and carefree
Summer love should be fun and carefree

Step 10

Your holiday is almost over and you have had a fantastic time hanging out with your guy. You have a lot in common and you have enjoyed the beach, the romance and hopefully he has given you flowers and candy and a dinner you will remember. If you live far away than don't bother trying to keep the holiday romance alive because long distance relationships never work out!

Keep in contact and email or bbm and let him know that he can come and visit you but keep your love for the summer as that will be something to look forward to!


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