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Tips for Strengthening Your Relationship During COVID-19 Lockdown

Updated on May 4, 2020
Kerrian mcmahon profile image

Kerrian is a professional relationship expert and analyst. She loves to write on her observations and research concerning relationships

With coronavirus pandemic and the news continually painting a bleak picture, these are hard times for the whole world. And the lockdown initiated to help curb the spread of the virus has put relationships in close quarters consistently for the last couple of weeks. While this is proving quite positive and used as a bonding time for some couples, for others, it’s impacting their relationship negatively. So, while some are bonding and honeymooning, others are arguing and fighting.

This is not surprising; being forced to spend time in the same space for extended periods is bound to create tension as time goes on, which leads to friction. Add in the anxiety and uncertainty of the whole COVID situation, and it becomes a recipe for rancor.

Anxiety caused by the COVID situation ranges from worry about work, social activities, disrupted plans and routines, and even business concerns. All these stressors could take a mental toll on the behavior of individuals, making them vent and unleash their frustration on the closest people to them, like their spouses, children and close relatives, and straining relationships.

So, to help the couple strive through these hard times, here are some suggestions on strengthening your relationship at this time and making the most out of it;

Take care of yourself.

At this time, we all need to be physically and mentally healthy. You need to make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Exercise, eat healthily, take baths, take strolls in your backyard, read a book, get enough sleep, eat lots of fruits, meditate, chat and face time with your friends and relatives, keep a journal, readjust your plans and stop being anxious.

Create Individual Time and Space.

Even though couples are together, it is always to have a sense of self; still, it is essential for making healthy decisions. Couples at this time need to create time for themselves, in other to strike a healthy balance between spending time together and having self-time. If you are working from home, creating your own space to allow you to work is essential.

That alone time, working, and reflecting will help the relationship. It gives you time to reflect on happenings, concentrate, get work done, conduct business, and reduce worry.

Respect each other’s time and space.

Working from home is never easy due to interruptions and distractions, but these interruptions should be kept to a minimum to give your partner time to work and reflect. Respect your partner’s alone time and space. At this time of continuous living in close quarters, these times are crucial for the relationship. Too much time together could negatively impact your relationship.

Talk to each other about your concerns.

If you are feeling anxious about the pandemic, you should discuss your concerns with your partner, have meaningful and respectful talks. None of us have experienced a pandemic, so we are all anxious about it, so you should talk to your partner about your worries and find solace in each other.

Plan Dates.

It is essential to keep the passion and intrigue in the relationship going on. Plan a special date, even if it involves setting up a candlelit dinner somewhere in your home. This would make for a special occasion worth anticipating. Dates could include a picnic in the backyard, stargazing in the yard together at night, candlelit dinner, dancing, reading together, sexually exploring, Netflix-ing, and chilling. There are lots of ways you can both make a fun time

Help Out around the house, Show Gratitude and Appreciation

Now that you both spend all day and week together help each other out around with the chores. Appreciate each other and take note of the things you do to make life easier for one another. Even though your usual role involves leaving the house to support financially, now that you can’t do that, support by taking on responsibilities and helping out at home and making things easier for your partner. Being a liability at this time is like putting an extra burden on your partner, which could lead to feelings of resentment.

Also, when you have a partner taking on more active roles and helping out with chores at home, you should show gratitude and appreciate them. This would make them want to do more to make you happy and help strengthen your bond as you both pitch in to make for a stable home environment.

Have a sense of humor

A sense of humor at these hard times is essential. We are all dealing with anxiety and uncertainty, so anyone being able to lighten the mood would be helping to remove the tension and frustration, which is becoming apparent in lots of people. Focusing on positives and good things is an excellent state of mind now.

Do not complain and nag.

The frustration and uncertainty of these times can lead to disillusionment and worry, do not further exacerbate your partner’s fear by continually complaining and nagging about inadequacies. That would be inconsiderate and selfish; instead, talk things out and come to agreements about how best to manage and run the home.

Lastly, you should know that you are not alone in this. We are all feeling what you feel right now – anxiety, fear, frustration, and worry. It’s okay, we all have to draw on our strengths and focus on the positives, adhere to guidelines, and pray we come out of this strong and healthy. So, bond with your partner and get through this together.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Kerrian McMahon


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