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How You Can Make Yourself Irresistible to Men

Updated on October 5, 2017
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Anthony Modungwo is a freelance and prolific writer for many internet sites & novels. He holds a masters degree in business administration.

Become Irresistible to Men

Have you ever wondered why some women never seem to be able to find or hold on to one man while some others attract men wherever they go –school, church, work, parks, grocery stores and never seem to have a shortage of them? So you think some women are natural born man magnets and others are men repellents? So what do men want in a woman?

It is generally believed that men use love to get sex and women use sex to get love. It is true to some extent. Men typically, at the beginning of a relationship want to avoid commitment at all costs, and want to go out and have fun including sex with as many women as possible. But most single women want to be in a healthy, permanent, committed and monogamous relationship with a man who treats her like a goddess and loves her relentlessly.

The truth of the matter is some women simply have a nearly infallible ability to attract men. Obviously, this presents a dilemma, if you are not one of those lucky ones, but there’s not need to despair, because fortunately, it is not an insurmountable one.

Becoming irresistible to men, and getting all the respect and admiration and love that you’ve always desired, isn’t as tough as it may seem on the forefront. Instead of spending time on wondering why a man doesn’t give you the kind of attention that you expect, here are a few basic things that you need to understand and learn so that man automatically begins thinking about you seriously.

Be approachable

Be easy to get along with. Be a comfortable sort of person, so that there is no strain in being with you. Be homey, down-to-earth sort of person. To have a snobby appearance may seem to be challenging to men but a warm and sincere smile pulls them toward getting to know you. A smile is a sign of validation and acknowledgement. It boosts a man’s ego to have a woman’s smile meant for him. Not only will smiling make your face even more beautiful. . A smile is contagious and is an inexpensive way to improve looks. It will help calm your nerves and make you feel and appear relaxed. So be generous with your warm smile. A smile is the best way to express the joy within us. Zimmerman wrote, “The universe pays every man in his own coin; if you smile, it smiles upon you in return, if you frown, you will be frowned at.”

Be a likeable person

Let your pleasing personality shine through. To be liked and to get along with men, it’s necessary to be a likeable person. Men want a woman they can love, cherish and respect, and who’ll love, cherish and respect them back.

Be emotionally matured

Avoid being on edge and sensitive so that you are easily hurt. People instinctively shy away from the emotionally immature person for fear of arousing an unpleasant reaction. Avoid the temptation to react with hurt feelings at the slightest provocation, and you will get along with men. Sincerely attempt to forgive whenever misunderstanding occurs between you and the man in your life. Mentally and spiritually drain off your grievances and maintain an attitude of good will with everyone. If you feel you’ve done everything you need to do and you’re still not getting any attention, don’t feel victimized. Take it easy because that’s the worst thing you ever do. And do remember that, is love, it’s all about patience.

Have a sense of humor

Share your contagious sense of humor with him. Cultivate the quality of being stimulating. If being with you makes a man better and more alive, you’ll be sought after and your relation with him will be excellent.

Be interested in his activities

Always be interested in his activities and ideas. Talk about his interests rather than talking about you. If you are absorbed in his interests, he will become attentive to yours and you will have a pleasant time together. Treat your man like a prince and he will forever treat you as his princess. Compliment him even on the little nice things that he does for you as well as his personality and appearance. Making a man feel good is one of the reliable approaches on how to become irresistible to men. What will ultimately make a man fall in love with you (and stay in love with you) is how you make him feel about himself.

Have pleasant personality

You might think that you’d need to look like a supermodel to attract a man. It is easy to assume that men only find sexy and gorgeous women fascinating. It’s always about who’s got the longer legs, alluring curves and the fairest skin. It is a fact that men admire beautiful women however; merely relying on your looks won’t sustain his interest in you. Beautiful women are head turners but having a pleasant personality attracts men to you and makes them stay. Men want a woman whose inner beauty eclipses her outward appearance. So be sure that your personality makes you become the woman that men want. Always keep in mind that being true to yourself should be your top most priority above everything else, and this will help you attract and keep a man.

Accentuate your best features

Wear clothing that flatters your figure. Even though, pleasant personality is much better you should still put considerable effort in trying to look your best of course. It is when you feel comfortable and confident with your appearance that makes you stand out among other people. New clothes or makeover would surely feel good for any woman but it won’t guarantee that you’ll catch any man’s attention for a lasting relationship. Spraying perfume on and putting on lips gloss will help, but might as well do it for yourself and not only because you want men to notice you.

Let your action speak for you

Talking too much is certainly annoying, talking less is certainly more attention grabbing. Talk less but talk sensible and you’ll have men listening to you. Rather let your every action and movement reflect your intelligence, poise, charm, integrity, grace and confidence. Men want a woman who thinks she’s all that because she is all that. Men want a woman who exudes confidence. A confident woman catches a man’s attention any time of the day. How to become irresistible to men involves being a confident and independent woman who can get anything she puts her mind into but who is also never afraid to ask for help and assistance. Men want a woman who knows who she is, and who is comfortable in her own skin.

Show genuine love

Tell your man how much you love, cherish, adore, respect, need and value him. Love him and do things for him. Perform unselfish and outgoing acts of love. Such sincere self-giving inevitably leads to pleasant personal relationship. Men want a woman who loves them unconditionally, who respects them immensely, and who has eyes only for him.

Let your lovemaking be satisfactory

Be sexually adventurous, uninhabited and who satisfies him sexually. Sexual incompatibility has ruined many relationships. When he is not ability to get the satisfaction from you he goes out in search of sexual satisfaction. To get a man’s attention you don’t really have to go overboard praising him or showing your concern and affection for him where it is not deserved. You don’t need to tell him how wonderful he is or how lucky you feel to be with him, rather let him know all this through your actions and your behavior.

Be humble

You may have a dozen good qualities but you need not voice them out aloud. When a woman goes talking about her own qualities, she puts the man off. Men would rather love to discover your qualities on their own, rather than you trying to sing about them.

Ask for assistance when needed

Men like to feel that they are needed –simply asking a man to mend some broken down house equipment or reach for something high up on the shelves will make him feel good about himself. Let your man know that even if you can do things on your own, you’ll always need his help and support.

Don’t become too possessive

In most relationships, women tend to get into the personal domain of the men, and that’s when they find you irritating and annoying. When in a relationship, it’s a common tendency to become a little clingy, controlling, passive and a little critical. And that’s when the man begins to distance out from you.

Improve yourself

Men find intelligent woman a real gem –having double degrees is not what I mean but being up to date with current events or simply having a personal opinion about important issues is an advantage for you. Sensible conversations where you can exchange ideas, goals and your life’s passions will make him want you more and more.


These strategies will help you become as attractive to men as metal is to magnet. Now that you know what men really want in a woman, you can do what it takes to make yourself irresistible to the men you find desirable. Go ahead and implement them, and enjoy the love and romance you richly deserve.


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