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Tips on How to Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Updated on May 9, 2015

Long distance relationship is a huge risk to take. This is not as easy as 1,2,3. Not easy because you need to exert 200% or more of your effort to make it work and I am sure not everybody can do that.

I greatly admire those who can manage to keep the Faith and Trust more than all to keep the relationship on track. And I know some who made everything seem so easy and KUDOS to all of you. I myself is also a member of the club. My fiance' is more than 7000 miles away from me but everyday is a journey that we share and it does make it things better although it is very difficult. But just like any relationship, "It takes two to Tango". Relationships take two individuals with one heart, one goal, and one common end and that is to do everything to make it last. So given that you are both truly in love with each other,there are also some tips that aside from LOVE will make your relationship more lasting.

There is a lot of hard work to build a great relationship but LDR needs more. And the one thing that makes it more challenging.. DISTANCE..

Here I made some key points that will help you and your partner in creating a healthy relationship.

  1. COMMUNICATION- This always has played a major role in every relationship. This is the most important rock that can hold your relationship onto its ground. You should take more time to get to know each other deeply and it should never be only during the first phase. The getting-to-know each other should always be there. Don't rush things up specially that scammers have inflicted the LDR community already.

    Communication means talking and listening. Talk about anything and everything about yourselves. Discovering cute side of one's personality is always a good way to start something good.It is better if you and your partner have a special time of the day set specially for the both of you. And making it like a daily routine is best. Choose the time of the day that both of you are free.Well,nowadays, relationships mostly are powered by messaging apps and video calling plug-ins that make talking to each other handy.
  2. DON'T LET JEALOUSY RULE- I know there are times that you really can't avoid this. May it be because of other people or about work. When this happens, men shouldn't be judgemental about how women get jealous most of the time and vice versa. Talk it out and give each other the right to an explanation. Jealousy is a usual thing but the task lies on how to handle it is not everybody can do.
  3. TALK ABOUT MONEY MATTERS- Believe me, this is very important too. I hear a lot of couples say that it isn't but this is a very sensitive issue. It is good to talk about this specially when you already have plans on settling down. This is an integral part of that can break your relationship.
  4. SET RULES- Every relationship should have a rule and a long distance relationship is not an exception. In fact, it requires more rules. These rules should be built upon what you and your partner's perspective. Rules that are for the good of the relationship and not to ruin it. Trust is the very thing that you rules should be based on. And never forget to set limitations too.
  5. RESPECT EACH OTHER- Long distance relationship is very difficult when one person cannot respect the other. It should always be a reminder that loving someone means not forgetting about yourself.When both of you have great respect and love for each other then you will never go wrong. Value each others view on things and take it as a part of the relationship.After all, it is about the two of you and not just about your partner.

    Relationship means building a life together but that doesn't mean loosing your individuality just to keep it.This isn't something you need to be drastic upon. Think and rethink many times if you are ready to go for it.There are rough times as like any other relationships and if you're not ready for the cons of being in a long distance relationship then you should reconsider things first.

    It takes bunch and bunches of PATIENCE, and COMMITMENT and LOTS OF LOVE to make any relationship work.

    (DISCLAIMER:I am not an expert. everything i have shared above are for readers' preference only)

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