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10 Turnoffs in Women

Updated on April 23, 2010


Certain turn off causes the opposite sex to respond negatively. We are all sensitive animals and little things might just trigger our moods when we least expect. Here are some notable turn offs in women:

1. Mouth or Body odour

Some men do not know they have this problem and it is actually a major turn off for most women. It could be quite embarrassing talking to a lady and she suddenly squints her face or holds her breath intermittently to avoid inhaling the air around her. Some ladies could be diplomatic about it, not wanting to hurt your ego but would not respond to your next call date.

2. Being Ignored

Being ignored is one of the main things that turn off women. Most women expect their partners to be attentive at all times. It gives them some air of importance. Women tend to judge how much of attention he gets from her partner by the level of attention she receives when expressing concerns and opinions or when seeking advice. Don't hang too much on the phone while you woman looks on

3. Show Off

Do not brag about your job, money or accomplishments. Women are appalled by men who talk big knowing they do not have the means to follow through. Men often convince themselves that all women are after guys with the biggest and best of everything. This probably explains why some men paint colorful and fictitious pictures of themselves. But in reality, women find such guys disgusting and become automatic turn off.

4. Self Admiration

Some handsome dudes tend lose the game by over flaunting their good looks, or the latest designer wear in their closet. Men who invite ladies out to self glorify themselves are such bores and quick turn off.

5. Flirting

Do not flirt with other women or look at others while you are with her. Men who look at other women, who talk about the physical attributes of other women and flirts openly does not only disrespect the woman but lacks courtesy. Furthermore, when a man and a woman go out and they can barely make their way around without the man getting hugs, rubs, waves and winks, you obviously cut out as a play boy.

6. Attitude

Women love men to see them as important item in their lives. Relationship goes beyond raising children or running grocery for the home. Mutual respect and understanding is very important. Don't be a chauvinist. Women get turned off by men who talk down at them and want to be seen to be in control at all times. A touch of gentlemanliness endears a man to a woman. Descent women expect men who are interested in them to approach them with dignity and respect.

7. Preoccupation with sex

During the beginning of a relationship, most women do not want to be seen as sex objects and do not want to discuss their past performances. Don't insinuate sex all through your conversation if you are genuinely seeking a relationship. Every woman desires respect and not just seen as a symbol of sex. Discuss intelligently and maturely without necessarily drumming home the sexual part of it, let the feelings flow naturally.

8. Poor Grooming Habits

Most women are turned off by disheveled looking men. Beyond basic hygiene, most men do not care about their looks. They spot bushy and unkempt hair, tangled beard, dirty and sweaty T-shirts and sometime dirty under wears. All these are great signs of turn off for women.

9. Stinginess

Some men find it extremely difficult to share. They would rather latch up on women to get things done. Some find it difficult to forget their wallets at home when its time to go shopping or simply find an excuse not to go. At times you lament on how expensive the dinner is right in the presence of your date such that she offers to settle the bill. A very convenient option to tuck away your wallet into your pocket! Such men may not have a second chance at correcting this impression of stinginess.

10. Caring

Show some empathy. If you are dating a woman with a child already, your attitude towards the child may mar the relationship. Every woman craves for a father figure not a bully. If you don't have it, and you want to maintain the relationship, try and work round it to endear the child to you.


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