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To Be a Lady

Updated on August 12, 2015

The term "Lady" , to me, is defined as a woman that is graceful, touchable and has the ability to seduce a conversation without the other person even knowing it. Presenting herself in a feminine manner while maintaining that strong backbone we all need.

A woman begins that cycle of her life after being raised properly as a young girl. Young girls should know better, if her parents help together to make it happen, that manners count, to be polite, be respectful to others and always have confidence in yourself. My mom and dad always use to say to me "never bend over, squat down" and "always sit with your legs or ankles crossed in front of you.

So many mothers over the years that I have known (because of my daughters) are still dressing to the nines. I see them grocery shopping, etc., with their breasts hanging out of their shirts practically or their tanned buttocks coming out of the shorts in heels. C'mon really, I get it, that if you have a great body you want to flaunt it. I do too, now that I've lost some weight, but I'd rather flaunt myself for my husband eyes only; you've got some creepy guys out there that will ogle that body right out the store and who knows what could happen once you are out of eye sight of everyone.

I don't understand why some of the trends over the years or these stores that somewhat flaunt the short skirts, see-through tops, skinny jeans; young girls can look awesome to a guy's eyes if they were just themselves in normal fitting clothes and without their breasts almost out of the shirts. It should be their personality or confidence in themselves attracting that guy who they have that crush on, not their skin tight clothes.

Grace Kelly, the epitome of a lady and Sophia Loren, to Diane Sawyer and Christa McAuliffe (the teacher that died in the Space Challenger years ago) have shown us that determination and integrity are just as important in being a woman in the 21st century while preserving the "lady" in yourself.


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