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When to Move On from a Broken Relationship

Updated on September 28, 2013
Let go of your pain from the past
Let go of your pain from the past | Source

When to move on from a broken relationship is now, not later, not tomorrow or next day. Extending your agony from a broken relationship is unhealthy. We should know when to stop, let go and move on.

Some people takes only months, weeks or even days to get over someone. Some people takes more time trying to be done with it. Yes it's not really easy to forget someone who has been or always been a source of your happiness. However, we should know when to give up. We should know when we should wake up. Can you stand holding on to a relationship when you're the only one left hanging? A relationship is a two-way street and you don't need to travel alone.

Broken Relationships, Broken Promises, Broken Vows

This MTV from the phenomenal Taiwan hit TV series Meteor Garden I & II has inspired me to do this writing.

The song titled Broken Vow is one of Meteor Garden's soundtrack sung by Ms. Lara Fabian , one of the greatest singer in UK and probably in the world.

When the one who used to want you now drives you away. When the one who used to pull you up just throw you away. You must realize that he/she had totally and decisively forgotten about you and all. When we have done all our best eating up our pride and egos to gain them back but they still choose to walk away. We have to leave some dignity and respect to ourselves. There is no other way but to move forward and move away.

Sometimes, what is still meaningful for us might not be meaningful or no longer meaningful to them. When things from the past remains to be only a part of his/her past and he/she choose not to include you in his/her present life anymore. You must learn to accept that. You may think it's unfair but that's a reality, people and things change, only sometimes it's hard to deal with.

Giving up is not a weakness or a failure, sometimes, it's just the right decision. Giving up your love for someone doesn't mean you don't care anymore. It only means you love him/her even more because you want him/her to be happy, happy with his/her decision. It is too selfish to push yourself to someone who do not love you anymore.

Remember, time heal wounds. Let the past be just part of a memory, no matter how happy or sad it is, let it remain just as a memory. Try not to always think back, regret and feel sorry about it. What's important is we learned from that memory. Regardless of whosever mistake it is, still we can learn from it.

Most importantly, we have loved, we have tried, we took the risk. Though we have lost, it is never our failure. For loving someone true & deep even if you're not appreciated or for loving someone who never learned to love you back truthfully is selflessness. Loving someone is a risk and it takes courage. Be proud of yourself for going through that, now your smarter and stronger.

© 2009 Caroline Guillermo


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