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TomBoy - The Third Choice

Updated on May 26, 2011

Gay,Lesbian, Bi Sexual, Bi Curious. There are many different choices of humans. My favourite breed of human is by far the Tomboy.

This is a special kind of individual and I am always attracted to Tomboys for one reason or another. I used to ask the question, " Why can't there be a third option for romance?" Well, it just so happens that the Tomboy is the third option and for some people, the best and only option.

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What is a Tomboy? In my mind and I emphasize "my mind" because mine is a little different from most of you. I can talk about almost every topic there is to talk about outside of things such as Nuclear Physics, mathematics, theory of relativity, rocket science and -- you get the picture. O.K. -- so I can talk about limited things, if that makes you a little more comfortable. When you talk to me, don't talk with big words or scientific, electrical or doctorate jargin. I'm just me, educated, but in a simple kind of way with high school and some business college background.

I speak my mind and can really get people riled up. I like that -- to really get into a shoot em up, knock you down verbal gunfight. My mind goes off in all directions and with Hubpages, this certainly shows in my writing or non writing ability. I like to stir things up. I find it exhilarating, challenging and dog gonnit -- Fun!

Take Ellen Degeneres and Rosy O'Donnell to name but two. These are two very different examples of the Tomboy look. I am capitalizing the name so that it stands out in this hub.

                           Chas Bono
Chas Bono

A Tomboy is a man inside a girl's body. A tomboy loves to play ball, ride, shoot, fish and camp. Lots of men and women hate this kind of activity, but this is the common nature of only a true Tomboy. Does this make the Queen a Tomboy?

Someone got it wrong at birth but that's the way it goes. Wrong or not, the Tomboy is man's third choice for romance and I wouldn't have it any other way. This person thinks like a man, talks like a man, works like a man and dresses like a man. K.D. Lang and Chastity Bono are men in female bodies. You will notice that the majority of Tomboys have short hair. K.D. Lang dresses like a man, looks like a man but sings like an angel. Chastity is now a man -- sorry -- half a man. She --uhh - he, he had the boobs removed but is still waiting for the bottom half to be fixed up. According to Chastity (now Chas), this procedure won't be done until doctors can perfect the operation. Even her voice has been lowered dramatically through hormone treatments. Cher is none too amused but is very supportive of her daughter (now, son). What the heck is a mother going to do?

The Tomboy is unique in that she has the best of both worlds. She can be a guy one day and a girl the next. She can wear jeans one day and a dress the next. Men can wear jeans too but would look pretty stupid in a dress, don't you think? The Tomboy can get along with either girl or guy and any girl or guy is just as comfortable with a Tomboy as she is with them. She can talk both languages --- man talk or girl talk and on any topic. Who wouldn't want to date a Tomboy? This is the third choice of humanity and it's a great one. This is like dating an alien species, one who understands both men and women. Men are still trying to figure out women and women vice versa. The Tomboy is the perfect choice to be with. If every human was a Tomboy, we'd all understand each other and get along a lot better.

Alright, so the Tomboy may not be quite right for you.  A Tomboy can like girls only. A Tomboy can like men only. A Tomboy can even like both sexes -- Wow -- who could have thought about making such a creature?  But wait? The same can be said about men. But the only name a man gets is Straight, Gay or Bisexual. A woman gets the same -- Straight, Gay or Bisexual. But the Tomboy is the only one to retain the title of "TomBoy". Even if a man changes his sex or a woman changes her sex, they're still only a man or a woman and they only understand one or the other.

The Tomboy who I absolutely love is my choice above all the rest because the Tomboy understands me. Most women and some men, just can't figure me out.


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    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 5 years ago

      This hub caught my eye because I've always been considered a Tom-boy-- to this day my wardrobe has more clothes from the boys department than the womans, I almost never wear make up and keep my hair short. Sometimes I do dress up girly, mostly for my husband who for the most part appreciates I act like 'one of the guys' but occasionally likes to remember he married a woman, lol. Inside I've always felt very androgynous, like I could totally be comfortable as either sex. Well written, so true.