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Top 10 Proposal Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Updated on July 11, 2011

Proposing marriage is pretty much a one-shot deal. If you mess it up, it will be one of those things that everyone remembers including your spouse. Try and get it right the first time with one of the great ideas below.

10 - Number 10 on our top 10 proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day, is a simple DON’T. - Don’t use the jumbotron at a sporting event. People have seen it a million times and it would be embarrassing if the woman you loved declined in front of thousands of people.

9 - If you and your partner have a good sense of humor, get a large heart shaped box that is full of candy and dump the candy out. Place a slightly smaller box inside of it and dump that candy out, and so on and so forth until you are left with a small heart shaped box which will hold the diamond engagement ring.

8- Take your future spouse (think positive) some place nontraditional for Valentine’s Day, a place that she loves. Drop to one knee and ask her in the middle of her favorite spot. If her favorite spot is outside, bring blankets and a bottle of wine to keep warm.

7 - Start sending her a rose everyday beginning with the first day of February. Each day have the rose delivered at the same time. By Valentine’s Day she will need one more to complete the dozen. Tie the ring with a ribbon to the stem of the last rose, deliver it in person, and ask right then and there.

6 -Another variation of the rose-a-day is a fortune cookie sent along with the rose. Prepare your fortune cookies in advance, pull out the old fortune with a pair of tweezers and replace the fortune for each cookie to reflect something you hope for your relationship. On the final day, the fortune should read simply “Will you marry me”?

5 - Prepare a fabulous dinner with your own two hands and during the meal excuse yourself for a moment. Come back dressed in your finest clothes and get down on one knee.

4 - Do it the old fashioned way, scatter rose petals everywhere, buy a dozen long stemmed roses, let her open the door and get down on one knee. Let her know how important she is to you and how you would like to spend the rest of your life with her.

3 - Plan ahead, go to your favorite restaurant and ask for the managers cooperation. Print up a “special” menu that lists 10 reasons why you love her. After the final number, instruct her to turn over the menu where she will read the words, “Will you marry me”?

2- Enlist her family members! Call her on the day you plan to propose and tell her that you are working late for Valentine’s Day and won’t make it home until later that evening. Gather up her friends and family and show up at her place with them in tow. When she answers the door fall to you knee and present the ring in front of all her loved ones.

1- Spend Valentine’s Day doing all of her favorite activities, no matter what they are, and do it without complaining. As the evening draws near, take her to the spot where you first met and propose.

One last DON’T for our top 10 proposal ideas for Valentine’s Day - putting an engagement ring in food is not the best idea for safety reasons, so be super cautious if this is the road you plan to take.


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      Jessica 5 years ago

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      my love in my hear't 6 years ago

      i love u