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Top 12 Places to Get Married in Las Vegas

Updated on September 25, 2012

Las Vegas weddings are something all of your friends and family will never forget. Las Vegas is one of the wedding capitals of the world. There are all kinds of wedding chapels and hundreds of people licensed to marry couples in Nevada. I hope this hub narrows the choices down a bit. For more information on what you need to get married in Las Vegas, click here.

Your friends may have thrown a bouquet, but you'll be launching it at 60 mph! This ride really hurts though.
Your friends may have thrown a bouquet, but you'll be launching it at 60 mph! This ride really hurts though. | Source

Chapel in the Clouds

The most notable and recognizable skyscraper on the Las Vegas skyline is without a doubt the Stratosphere. I've written before about the dining available at the Top of the World restaurant, but this cuisine can be included in your sure to be majestic wedding at the Chapel in the Clouds. Suitable for any tastes or wedding plans, packages feature small and large receptions, indoor and outdoor views, along with multiple floors and viewing areas. Spare no expense here for your wedding, and it will be unforgettable for all involved. Not recommended for those afraid heights though as you will be able to view the entire city from the clouds.

Las Vegas Helicopter Weddings

Want to get married in Las Vegas and be higher than the clouds? Continuing with atypical ceremonies, Las Vegas Helicopter Weddings provides just what it says! You and your spouse take a 20 mile or more helicopter ride far above Las Vegas and can be married while flying! You can take a limited number of other guests as well. You can also forego the minister, get married on the ground, then take more guests and exchange vows mid flight. This is a perfect wedding for couples who value fun experiences over formal traditions.

Your breath taking view.
Your breath taking view. | Source

A very funny renewal of vows!

A Elvis Chapel

The "traditional" Las Vegas wedding, A Elvis Chapel offers a bargain priced package that features a limousine service along with your very own Elvis impersonator. A Elvis Chapel is well rated and has quite a few reviews from happy customers. Do note that A Elvis Chapel is a far more intimate and personal wedding chapel than most because no more than 40 people can be seated with only 30 being comfortably accommodated.

Red Rock Country Club

The Red Rock Country Club offers an exclusive outdoor wedding and has been selected as the three year running winner of the WeddingWire's Brides choice award (2009-2012). This wedding venue prizes itself on its service. There are top of the line attendants and always a superb wedding planner. Along with incredible views and tons of possible honeymoon activities like rock climbing, hiking, and golf. An array of wedding packages is also offered. If you're looking for the natural beauty of Las Vegas or the desert, I would highly recommend Red Rock Country Club.

A short distance from the Red Rock Country Club
A short distance from the Red Rock Country Club | Source

A Little White Chapel

This is a uniquely famous wedding chapel, one you may have already heard about. It has been featured in magazines, movies, and TV. Generations of families get married here and many celebrities have chosen this chapel as well. Your wedding may be streamed online for viewers which can be particularly important for friends and relatives who are unable to make it to the ceremony. A Little White Chapel also has a closely connected Tunnel of Love where a couple can have a drive-thru wedding! It was originally intended for those who are disabled or who have difficulty walking, but this option is picked by many couples. Your own car or a supplied car can be driven.

A Special Memory

This list wouldn't be complete without a true drive-thru wedding chapel. This chapel has also been featured in commercials and films. One of the first (and possibly only) run-thru marriages was performed at this wedding while the couple ran a full marathon! It goes without saying that your wedding can very flexible, and the wedding planning is tailored to your needs. A Special Memory is a jack of all trades chapel that features traditional, drive-thru, Elvis, and "adventure" weddings. Adventure weddings include helicopter night rides and weddings in the unique mountainous and desert environments surrounding Las Vegas.

They can speak for themselves


Chapel of the Flowers

This is definitely a local's favorite as I have attended two weddings here so far. Many chapels in Las Vegas can feel quite tacky (I guess that's part of the charm), but Chapel of the Flowers really feels like stepping through a portal. It is very elegant. You feel lost because a moment ago you were on a random dirty street and now you're in a garden! A line of limousines could be at your disposal, and a fresh arrangement of flowers are always available. The location is excellent for everyone in attendance to the wedding as it is moments from the strip.

Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel

Like many of the wedding chapels listed here, Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel has superb service and attention to detail. The only difference between Mon Bel Ami and the others is that they truly excel where others draw the line. The bride and groom may choose to create their own wedding website through Mon Bel Ami, and their showcase garden is fantastic for photos. If you want tacky, Mon Bel Ami is not your wedding chapel. While the staff will bend over backwards to make your wedding dream come true, expect a traditionally spectacular ceremony.

KISS Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel

If traditional is not at all what you're looking for, the KISS chapel may be what you're after (but maybe not!). Instead of wedding invitations, hand out concert tickets. Instead of rose petals thrown at your feet, how about guitar picks. Instead of slow and melodic wedding music, how about a cranked out amp. Top it all off with a fog machine, and you're getting close to a KISS wedding. The KISS chapel is styled after the famous album cover LOVE GUN. Your minister will of course be dressed in full KISS fashion. Be careful, as only 25-35 guests can be seated. Oh, and don't call the wedding planner a wedding planner. They're your "tour manager". Apparently the minister is a little person. Watch the associated video for one of the strangest weddings ever.


Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel

This chapel sits on one acre of land but attracts quite a bit of attention due to its unique architecture and quaint, western feel. It is a place frozen in time; one of the oldest structures on the strip. This chapel was declared a national landmark in 1992 after more than 50 years in existence. The Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel boasts over 150,000 marriages legitimized and over 150 weddings in the average week. It is located just shy of the strip and town square. Don't forget that a few hundred yards away is the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign that you must get a picture with!

Mandalay Bay Weddings

If you're looking for more class, Mandalay Bay has been voted as the three time winner of The Knot The Best of Weddings award for 2008, 2009, and 2011. With over 10 unique ceremony locations, their chapel has received numerous awards. Because of their high style and dream like events, you will hardly meet a bride who can say they've booked their wedding for Mandalay Bay and not see a smile creep across her face. I especially encourage you to watch the video on the right, not only because it showcases parts of the Mandalay Bay ceremony but also due to the incredible variety and experience you can have with a Las Vegas wedding. Cesar and Monica are natives of Oklahoma, but I think after watching the video you'll agree they made the right choice of where to marry.

Las Vegas Wedding Wagon

If none of these places have jumped out at you, perhaps you're more of a free spirit and want to feel the moment of where the right spot is, or maybe there's a certain monument or place that holds special significance. If that's the case, the Las Vegas Wedding Wagon offers to meet you almost anywhere and marry you! It could be on the sidewalk, an escalator, and even your hotel room. Just reserve a time with them and make sure the location is feasible. Then they are willing to be at your beck and call, just send a text message, and they'll meet you.

Your wagon will be slightly bigger and with more engine.
Your wagon will be slightly bigger and with more engine. | Source

Commitment Ceremonies and Vow Renewals

For more information and locations on Commitment Ceremonies and Vow Renewals in Las Vegas, see my hubs on the topic.


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    • Glimmer Twin Fan profile image

      Glimmer Twin Fan 5 years ago

      Cool. I've ridden that Stratosphere ride and the roller coaster too. Didn't get married there though. Fun hub and when I was in Vegas I was blown away by how many brides I saw walking around. I'd never seen anything like it before!