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Top 25 Tinder Dating Rules for Women

Updated on November 25, 2016

The Tinder Dating App

For those unfamiliar with Tinder, it's a dating app that's akin to a free shortcut version of eHarmony or

Since it's introduction this app has become a staple for casual dating, but there are rules every user needs to know before they're willing to dip into the relationship pool.

Women, in particular, need to be extremely careful because a pretty face and a charming profile may not be what you think it is. Tinder does have a dark reputation and you could get into a heap of trouble if you don't follow my advice.

So if you're ready to step into the dating world and take a chance, then here are my top 25 Tinder dating rules for women.

Tinder Dating Rules: 25-21


Rules #25-21

Be Yourself
First Impressions Go a Long Way
Respect Yourself
Never Get Too Personal
Be Honest With Your Date

Honesty is the Best Policy

One of the struggles of dating through Tinder is traversing the lies to get to the truth, and it's not something you want to engage in.

Just like any other relationship seeking platform, the best way to get anywhere is to be as honest as possible. This means you have to be honest with yourself and your date; that way you don't have to feel disgusted if things don't go as planned.

Would you want to be lied to?

You should also make a great first impression because you never know what an ordinary meetup might lead towards. I understand the success rate of using these apps isn't very good, but there have been numerous success stories mixed in with the bad.

However a first date is still a first date so don't get too personal.

When Tinder dating works it can really work but when it doesn't it can backfire in a hurry. The more you share, the more you expose yourself to someone you've never met before.

Remember when your parents told you to never talk to a stranger?

Well parts of that advice are still important. As an adult you can talk to strangers but be careful what you say.

Tinder Dating Rules: 20-16

Personal jail
Personal jail | Source

Rules #20-16

A Friend in Need
If Ever Uncomfortable, Then Escape
Expect the Unexpected
Have a Back-Up Plan
Don't Lead Them On

The Escape Plan

Women will unfortunately be more vulnerable than men in first date situations, so an escape plan is a must.

Before you're ready to go on your date, make sure to let a close friend or family member know where you're going and have them be on standby in case danger strikes. You've got to expect the unexpected in these circumstances.

If you ever feel uncomfortable during the date beyond general awkwardness, then find a way to excuse yourself.

Don't lead them on!

The worst thing you could do if you're uncomfortable is to play it off and engage your date further because you'll only be stirring the pot. Keep in mind that Tinder is a free app that anyone can use, so your dating candidates won't be thoroughly screened.

The bottom line is that having a friend know what's going on is important because you could always use them as decoys if trouble arises.

Do not end up being the victim!

Tinder Dating Rules: 15-11

Rules #15-11

Beware the Tinder Horror Stories
First Date Should Be Public
Standard Dating Conversation Rules Apply
Have Fun With It
Engage in Excitement

Tinder Horror Stories

There have been countless Tinder horror stories since the app was created, and it's mostly due to the victim not being aware of the dangers of online or mobile dating.

This is why the first date should always be in public where there are other people close by such as a restaurant, shopping mall, or a movie theater. This lessens your risk in case the guy happens to be a little "off".

But your Tinder experience doesn't have to be terrifying and in most times it isn't. The psychos exist but most people using the app are,normal people who just want to converse and spend time with someone.

The activities you both engage in should be adventurous and pleasurable for both individuals.

A get together with a person you're interested in shouldn't change because of the platform you use, and the normal rules of conversation do apply. Don't be afraid to laugh and have fun with your companion.

Despite the horror stories, Tinder isn't an inevitable hell-hole so please enjoy yourself.

Tinder Dating Rules: 10-6

Rules #10-6

In Person vs. Facetune
Low Expectations
Always Keep It Casual
Assess Your Dating Goals
Tinder isn't eHarmony

Facetune In Real Life

Oh Facetune how we love you on Instagram and Facebook but hate you in person!

Unfortunately when it comes to any online or mobile dating, what you see is not always what you get. Since the inclusion of image perfecting apps like Facetune, everyone looks like a model in photos but not so much in person.

So what does this all mean?

It means that you have to keep expectations low otherwise you'll be incredibly disappointed.

You should also keep it simple for that same reason because if the person you meet is not your prince charming, then you don't want to act like he is.

Sadly that's the problem with most free dating applications; they aren't as advanced as eHarmony. The profiles are vague, thin, and the person you meet may be completely different than the person you've been chatting with.

At the end of the day you have to assess your relationship goals and discover what you want out of this. Do you really want to find a significant relationship, are you only looking around, or are you solely into hooking up?

Once you figure it out, then proceed to the next step.

Tinder Dating Rules: 5-1


Rules #5-1

Coffee at Your Place is Taboo
Dress Up, Not Down
Never Accept Peer Pressure
Be in Control
More than "One Fish in the Sea"

Just Say No!

If you're a female looking for a male, then you must be in control. You cannot succumb to peer pressure from friends, family, or the person you're seeing. You have to know what you want and be smart about your actions.

Again what are you seeking to get out of Tinder?

If it's all about the hookup, then I'll be the first to say that it's probably not a good idea to go through with it on the first date.

Say no to coffee at your place!

No one can tell you what to do but if you proceed with the action above, then you are breaking most of these 25 rules in one sitting. Before you do anything risky, you should ask yourself if it's really worth it.

I don't want to be prude but there are so many devastating stories from women that decided to ignore common sense for cheap thrills.

Due to the risks mentioned, dating apps have gotten a bad reputation and Tinder is no different, but that doesn't mean you should avoid them altogether. As long as you follow common logic, then there shouldn't be a problem.

Not every story is a nightmare and a lot of people did discover true love through the app. Tinder can be an awesome experience and if you're interested in dipping into the dating pool (intelligently), then step right in because the water's fine.

Your Turn!

Would you try Tinder?

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    • Chriswillman90 profile image

      Krzysztof Willman 23 months ago from Parlin, New Jersey

      Great approach to online dating! You're correct that you should never blame the tool because that's all it is, a tool. It's who uses the tool and what choices they make through this device that makes the difference. I can't stand when people solely blame something when it was they whom failed to use common sense. Whether you're meeting your date organically or through a dating app, it comes down to you.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 23 months ago

      Good advice!

      Ultimately online dating and apps like Tender are nothing more than a (tool) to meet new people. Just as a fork is a tool for eating.

      You can eat a garden salad or a slice of double fudge cake. However no obese person would ever blame their (fork) for their weight gain!

      And yet people do blame online dating sites and apps like Tender for choices that (they) made! Learn to become a better shopper!

      Use good commonsense when dealing with strangers whether it's online or offline. Each of us (chooses) our own friends, lovers, and spouse.