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What Turns OFF Men?

Updated on May 25, 2012

Scene 1

Ms. XX moves into Mr. XY house. Finds it utterly cluttered and messy. Her first reaction is "Eww, XY here's the Swiffer please clean this mess." Mr. XY is just not happy. He finds the mess extra close to him and wonders WHY he has to clean it ALL. Being it first time; he will do it. But, since he has a habit of being messy he DOES NOT like to be reminded constantly. Mess was his friend, his companion and now that Ms. XX is in his house, it will be a BIG adjustment for his mess and himself.

While XY is cleaning up, XX goes and starts to clear off XY's toiletries in the vanity area. XY is eyeing her suspiciously and hurries in to the site. To sound pleasant, he asks her what is she doing and XX very sweetly says, "Oh, honey don't bother. I will make space for my makeup et. al. You just continue to clean up your room so, that I can settle my stuff in there as well." XY is not happy. He breathes a deep sigh and continues clearing up his first love, the mess.

Living room furniture was very old. XX brings in her leather couches and sweetly calls an organization to pickup the "old ragged furniture" which is actually being donated and XY is being told that he is gaining good karma points for doing it. XY bids them a teary bye-bye and is not happy.

Scene 2

The couple go shopping for dinnerware and grocery. XY is aimlessly moving the cart where-ever XX wants him to. He has no interest but, gotta make their house a home now!

There is cooking by XX and XY is very happy to get home cooked food. YAY! But, after the dinner, he is gotta do the dishes. He just shudders and aimlessly puts the dishes in the dish-washer. XX is not happy since; they have just invested a good amount in those dishes and wants them to be laid down properly. She says sweetly, "Let me show you how to put them in the dishwasher." XY is very happy to get off the hook. He quickly moves to one side and then starts fidgeting in his pockets. XX is not happy. She waits up for him to stabilize and keeps staring at him. XY can feel something penetrate in him. He stops it and pays attention.

Next day after dinner, XY is supposed to load the dishwasher and he is under pressure 'cause he has to be efficient especially since; XX is watching her keenly. He is not happy.

Scene 3

Dishes are set in the dishwasher and it's ON...Phew! XY is already exhausted!

But hears the television sound and comes into the living room. He finds XX sitting comfortably and engrossed in a show. He thinks, "hmmm, now how can I get hold of the remote so that I can switch the channel?" Any amount of pleasing and cuddling with XX did not work. He had to give away his remote control. XY is not happy.

Scene 4

XY and XX have plans to meet XX's parents for dinner. XX is happy yet anxious and is uttering a list of TO-DO's to XY to which he is hardly paying attention. He has been asked to dress up formally. XY is not happy. They reach XX's parent's home and XY is adjusting his tie and his pants nervously. XX asks him to cut it off.

The dinner go well except that XX is way too perky and XY cannot match with her energy. Thus, is quiet most of the time and is missing his home, his TV.

Dinner done, they say their bye-bye's and reach their home. XY like a kid, jumps for the remote and starts watching his show. He has been interrupted by XX to come and change since; the formals could get crumpled. XY is a kid, he is not happy but goes to change in order to avoid making a scene.

Scene 5

XY's quota of TV is done. He comes to the room to find XX chatting with her girl-friend and giving her every bit of juicy detail. He is not happy and has a frown on his face. XX feels it and cuts down the conversation and eventually hangs up.

By now, we all know what TURNs-OFF Men.

Men and Mess are synonyms. They LOVE each other and below are a few pointers to avoid making them tick off.

Top Turn-OFFs in Men

  • When asked to clean the mess
  • When their space is taken over
  • When asked to help out
  • When asked to clean themselves up
  • When their remote is taken away
  • When his girl is spending a lot of time with her GF and giving in all details.

Come to think of it...Men are harmless creatures 'cause their reasons to be ticked off are FEW as compared to the many ways they are ALWAYS happy and carefree :)

  • They are up to the point in conversation...sweet and brief.
  • Their last name always stays the same...FOREVER!
  • They are happy-go-lucky creatures...IF they are not invited to a party, the host is still their friend
  • They can survive in one pair of jeans even IF they are on a vacation.
  • Christmas time or any festival problemo! They can shop for 30 relatives in 30 minutes!
  • They really don't bother on how they look.
  • They can keep your secrets!!
  • They DON'T freak out IF they see a guy wearing a same shirt as theirs!

Every Conclusion should be happy

Men are as light hearted as Women are so, let's just not try to tick them off and vice-versa.

I wish all XX and XY's to unite and love by taking into account each other's fault's and compromise for life is short so, gotta make it sweet.

I have this wonderful song from Adele...One and Only!


These Turn-OFF's have been statistically researched and does not point to any MAN out there. Amen!


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