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Top 5 Sexy, Seductive, Sensual Songs

Updated on February 18, 2018

Callmefoxxy, a fantastic and fellow hubber here at HP did her thing about makin’ love and I wanted to jump in with mine. See when you talk about sexy and sensual, women, top that list of which I am a proud member. When you want to get down, there are some things that have to be in place namely, the place, the mood and the music for me.

Women are sensual. Remember my hubs, How to Kiss A Woman and Have Her Want More and What Women Want In The Bedroom? We like when the scene is set up nicely and then you put us into it. Check it out; a picnic by the fire with wine, music and good conversation which will then turn into seduction; an aromatic bubble bath by candlelight followed by a heavenly massage with music of course. Where is this leading? Um hmmm.

Women need to feel good and safe and secure then watch out. Get us relaxed and we’re all over you men.

Now for that picnic by the fire you need a whole litany of songs because one won’t do. The music that I’m talking about is for the seduction part of it because you’ve eaten, you’re relaxed, feeling languid, having fun and here comes the seduction.


Number one on this girl’s list is Prince. Scandalous. You can’t help but throw all mercy to the wind when you hear him sing. Prince’s music just leaves me weak and malleable like cookie dough. That boy’s voice turns me inside out.

I mean, “Come, closer, feel what you’ve been dying for. Don’t be afraid baby. Touch it and explode....”. Jeezus, doesn’t that man know just how to stir you up? This song takes me there. Where is that? Anywhere I please, any ole time of day. Prince I want it. So, I’m naughty! Sue me!

Kci and JoJo

Kci and JoJo are Old School but oh so good when you feel oh so bad. It’s all about Freaking You baby. Know what I mean? “What must I say, what must I do, to show how much, I think about freaking you.” Freak me, freak me puleeze.

Okay, I’ma calm down now. Just a little, ‘cause we are talking sexy, seductive and sensual songs here. But wooo, girlfriend, if you love R&B then you should like the three singers mentioned here.

Maxwell is the next in line but he starts the wave of tender and sensual songs. He calms down the inferno. Somewhat.


Fortunate, from Maxwell’s earlier album is as sweet as they come.  Read, “Fortunate to have you girl.  I’m so glad you’re in my world.  Just as sure as the sky is blue, I’m blessed the day that I found you.”  Oh Lord, I’m eating out of his hand already.  Tell me how to please you lover.

Faith Hill

Faith Hill. I threw some good old Country music in there. Faith Hill is a beautiful and talented singer. Breathe is beautiful too like the singer and grabs your heart. “I can feel the magic floating in the air. Being with you get me that way.....The whole world just fades away the only thing I hear is the beating of your heart.” Talk about romance! Just breathe Chris, breathe.

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams hit Everything I Do I Do It For You, is one amazing song. “Look into my eyes, you will see what you mean to me. Search your heart, search your soul you’ll find me there you’ll search no more. Don’t tell me it’s not worth trying for. Can’t tell me it’s not worth dying for.”

Lord, have mercy on my naughty soul. This is the whole knight thing happening here. We women love that warrior side of our men. We want more of that especially during the seduction.

Johnny Gill

I decided to add this extra song because my first selection's video became unavailable sometime back due to copyright issues.

This song My My My by Johnny Gill, is for us girls that love it when a man knows what he's about. You feel me? Read these words and you will know what I mean. "My My My My My, you sure look good tonight. ...... Slip on your nightgown....step into our bedroom. First I want to take some time. I just want to look at you. Girl you are so fine. I can't believe my eyes. Let me show you how sweet it's gonna be. I wanna show you things that you've never ever seen before"

Yeah, talk to me baby. Let the seduction begin!

Awww, my top 5 love songs are over already. I was just getting started. Well, I guess that calls for a part II. Hit me up and tell me if you liked or not my list. I love when you do. Enjoy!!

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© 2011 Chris Eddy111


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