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Top 5 Things Men Spend Their Money on

Updated on February 9, 2017

After the usual bills, and aside from their children, here are the top 5 things that men tend to spend their money on. Interested in what women spend there money on? Click here to see the top 5 things that women tend to spend their money on.

1. Investments

Whether its investing in bonds, stocks, property, or art men are more confident to spend their money on investments more than women are. Men have a need to keep accumulating wealth and are happy to invest for the future of their families.

2. Entertainment

Men are willing to pay for high end, state of the art products to keep them entertained. They will splash out on the latest electronics, televisions, and gadgets, and spend up large on travel, and sporting events.

3. Women, Love and Online Dating

Men see finding love and companionship as important as women do, and they are willing to hand over their hard earned cash to find "the one". Often men end up dipping into their pockets to pick up dinner, coffee and movie tabs.

4. Sports and Hobbies

Men are happy to spend money on hobbies and sports to gain enjoyment. From collecting stamps, and coins to cars, and sporting memorabilia these are purchases that bring joy. A man's need to invest also helps fuel some of these purchases.

5. Gambling and Betting

The gambling industry offers a playground for men. It provides them with things they love; adrenaline, risk, competition, and rewards. Men spend their money in this playground placing wagers on sports teams, gambling on horses, and trying to beat the house at casinos.

What do you spend most of your money on?

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