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Top 5 Tips On How To Start a Conversation With a Girl

Updated on February 12, 2013

Talking To Girls

Does not have to be difficult.
Does not have to be difficult. | Source


Do you have trouble approaching women, breaking the ice, and having pleasant conversations with them? If so, be rest assured that you are not alone.

This has been a struggle for me many times in the past. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Top 5 Tips When Talking To Girls

1. Start the conversation immediately.
You definitely don’t want to drag things out here. When you see someone of interest and have a “clear shot”, make your approach and break the ice sooner rather than later.

2. Avoid cheesy pick up lines.
“Yo what’s up baby can I get your number?” – DO NOT ever say something like this when approaching a girl! You’ll definitely turn her away if you approach her like this.

Instead, you want to use your immediate environment to help come up with a way to break the ice. For instance, if you are at a dance club and you saw her on the dance floor, you could approach her and tell her that you noticed her dancing and think that she dances very well.

3. Flirt with her from the get go.
After you break the ice and have her attention, if you don’t flirt with her then you risk putting yourself in the friend zone. When you talking to girls, you want to do certain things such as touch her on the arm, maintain eye contact, and smile at her.

If you don’t get flirty or playful, then she’ll just think of you as another friend. Once you get in the friend zone, it’s usually difficult to get out.

4. Give your opinion even if it differs from hers.
Women love men with a backbone. For instance, if she voted for Obama and you voted for Romney in the 2012 presidential election, don’t be afraid to stick to your guns!

If you don’t stand your ground and end up always agreeing with her, then she won’t develop much respect for you. Let her know what you’re passionate about.

5. Give compliments sparingly.
Be careful that you don’t come across as someone immediately into her. Women like a guy with some mystery and intrigue. If you deliver too many compliments at one time (nice hair, nice car, nice purse, etc.) then you only train her to take you for granted.

Give maybe one or two compliments per date. Whenever you do compliment her, make it about her sense of humor or style.

Keep these above tips in mind and you’ll have a greater chance of making a great first impression and getting the wheels turning. If you’re someone that deals with cold feet at the thought of approaching a girl, then you definitely want to check out my mental rehearsal hub here!


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