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Top 5 Vow Renewal Ceremonies In Las Vegas

Updated on September 25, 2012

How do I renew vows in Las Vegas?

In the state of Nevada, you do not need any special license to renew vows in Las Vegas. The ceremonies and documentation needed vary depending on the venue. It's a simple matter of picking the right location and making reservations! Well, "simple" in that you have to sort through quite a few chapels and make sure that you're paying for the quality needed.

There are plenty of reasons why you may want to have a vow renewal ceremony. It could be that your first wedding wasn't as lavish as you had wanted for your partner, and now that you're more financially secure you're able to afford what your mate desires. Maybe you skipped the unnecessary romanticism at first and were wedded by law without ceremony. It could also be that you got past a bumpy part of your marriage, and you want to show your commitment again. Whatever your reasons, I hope this hub helps you make the decision.

For more information on what you need to get married in Nevada, see here.

Scenic Las Vegas Weddings

There's a good reason why 'scenic' is in their title. This venue shows you the very best views that Las Vegas has to offer, and they accommodate many tastes. If you prefer a sprawling open field of nature with vibrant colors and flowers, you can have it. If you want to be married in an urban setting filled with impressive architecture, it's yours. They have even done weddings in the Las Vegas "graveyard," a place where they store all the old neon signs of the past. This venue offers a very close and intimate setting for the couple.

Make it as spectacular as you want!
Make it as spectacular as you want! | Source
Your photos will be in color! If you'd like.
Your photos will be in color! If you'd like. | Source

Graceland Wedding Chapel

If you really love Elvis or you want to have that cheesy Vegas wedding that you couldn't bring yourself to do before, the Graceland Wedding Chapel is the quintessential wedding chapel in Las Vegas, complete with an Elvis minister. This chapel has maintained quality for over 50 years and is rated very highly among customers. They are very friendly and accommodating, but they take your vows very seriously and the jokes stop there, but only there! If you don't need words to show you love and commitment and are more concerned with fun, they have the infamous Elvis Vows that your spouse can say with you. It's your choice! And, if you don't want Elvis, or decide to change your mind, you can always choose a traditional wedding instead.


Tide the Knot at Treasure Island

Do you talk to your significant other about how your grandkids are becoming "land-lovers". Okay, who does, but wouldn't you want to renew your vows on a ship! Treasure Island features a live show performed multiple times throughout the day on gigantic boats on the fake lakes alongside their casino and hotel. You may choose to have your wedding vows renewed in an intimate setting inside the Siren's ship! You can also choose the West Chapel located inside Treasure Island which can accommodate over 65 guests in a more traditional setting. You can also choose a package deal with up to ten rooms in the hotel.


A Little White Wedding Chapel

This is a uniquely famous wedding chapel, one you may have already heard about. It has been featured in magazines, movies, and TV. Generations of families get married here and many celebrities have chosen this chapel as well. Your wedding may be streamed online for viewers which can be particularly important for friends and relatives who are unable to make it to the ceremony. A Little White Chapel also has a closely connected Tunnel of Love where a couple can have a drive-thru wedding! It was originally intended for those who are disabled or who have difficulty walking, but this option is picked by many couples. If your loved one or both of you need assistance going down the aisle, just ride down it instead! Your own car or a supplied car can be driven. There is also an option of doing a group renewal. For 5 couples or more, and if you can all agree on Elvis, he'll be there!

Vow Renewal at the Bellagio

The Bellagio is a traditional setting to renew your vows. To make the memory last, your ceremony will be taped by three, non-invasive cameras. For the kind of camera angles this will use, see the video on the right. The East chapel is where your ceremony will take place; this chapel is specialized for vow renewals. The Package includes a professional DVD. Afterwards, you are free to experience what more Las Vegas has to offer, which is quite a bit. The most important part of your night is out of your way, and you have an enriched life to look forward to.


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    • profile image

      Stephanie 3 years ago

      - I totally know what you mean by the sereinty of sitting quietly alone with a subject that sits still and moves to your every direction. so glad you joined us for this challenge, I love that you sliced your pears and you can see every detail. You have a wonderful eye Elaine!

    • annerivendell profile image

      annerivendell 5 years ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Graceland! That's the one for me! Another fun Hub.