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Tips For A Healthy Relationship

Updated on May 30, 2017

Relationships can go through some rough patches, here are ten tips to ease the travel.

Relationships are one of the many things in life that can make someone smile. In a relationship you can good off, enjoy one another's company, but it isn't all rainbows and ponies. Sometimes things can go wrong, sometimes things can look like they about to fail. But don't give up, here are my top ten relationship tips and advice.

#10, Listening. No one likes to be ignore and no one likes to be the one who never gets a word in. Listening is very important in a relationship. That could mean listen when your girl has a bad day or when your man is upset about something, that could mean listening to your significant others side of the story or issues in the relationship. I will say sometimes you might not like what you hear, but listening is a vital part of being with another human being. Listen and then speak, let each-other have a turn.

#9, Be Truthful. A relationship is built on trust, that means both you and your wily lover needs to be truthful to one another. It is always best to be honest, even if it means the other might get a little mad. If one cannot trust then how can they live? Trust can be easily lost and very hard to get it back, it would be simpler to just say what is true.

#8, Show You Care. Love that is one of the things that makes the world go round. Give your other some flowers, write her a nice song, give that big guy a hug. Spread a little love. No one likes to feel unwanted and what’s a better way to make someone feel wanted then with a surprise gift? Buy a nice reservation to a restaurant, go for a walk on the beach, kiss their cheeks till they're red in the face. Make sure they know that you love and care for them.

#7, Be Respectful. Respect is simple a necessity of life, without it we would most likely be getting cursed at when walking down the road. Respect means allowing them some privacy, treating them like an equal, letting them speak their case when in a certain situation. Respect is a two way street, one cannot be respected if they do not respect other people.

#6, Man-up and Woman-up. Many a time in a relationship has one allowed the other to do whatever they want and act however they want but say nothing in fear of retaliation. Bah. If my lover was acting out or in the wrong I will call them out on it, be it man or woman. If someone is wrong in general someone should call them out on it, if someone is acting like a prick deal with it.

#5, Set Some Boundaries. Always have boundaries, if we don't the world gets thrown into chaos. Have your man be back by a certain time, make sure your woman doesn't spend three thousand dollars on pants. Boundaries in a why are a safe-guard, one so they can keep a certain level of trust and another so they don't go broke. Win-win situation.

#4, Tell Your Other What’s Going On. This one kind of goes under number's nine and seven. What I mean is tell you’re other what you will be doing and where you’re going, one so they know where to go if something happens and two so a unwanted scenario doesn't show up. Like you find out your lass has been going on a few brunches with another guy. I need some answers dangit. But yes it will help greatly, tell the other what’s up and if something new transpires hit them up with a text and tell them what happened. Let them know so they don't have to worry.

#3, Enjoy Your Time Together. There is probably nothing more important then this one. well there probably is but shut up. One thing about being in a relationship is enjoying the others company, enjoy the activities you do and the time you spend together. Make memories so when day when your wrinkled and old you can look back on them in an old photo book. Make the fun times roll you know.

#2, Understand You Are Not Perfect. This goes for both sides, both have faults and downfalls. It is how we are made, that doesn't mean your a terrible person. Unless you don't read this, then your awful. Know that both you and your mate have a certain number of problems, whether it be your a psychotic murderer or lazy. If you have a problem with your other about there faults talk to them about them, make sure you both are on common ground and understand at one point or another you will probably want to claw their eyes out because the sink is covered in lipstick and hair.

#1, Apologize And Never Go To Bed Angry. Apologizing is one of the best tools to keep a relationship together and strong. If you and your significant other have an argument and you know you are wrong, apologize. Hell if it comes to a boiling point apologize anyways, sometimes your other might not apologize or think they are wrong. Especially if you don't like Steven Universe, then you are dead wrong. Apologize, go to sleep and wake up in a better mood. Maybe even go out for a walk and calm down, just do your best to make the situation not escalate, maybe pull her into a bear hug and kiss her till she starts laughing. Just duck if she looks like she is about to go for the knockout blow, cause that has happened in the world once or twice.

Anyways I hope this helps, another small smidge of advice is relax. Not all relationships are going to be freaking awesome, know that life goes through some rough patches. In those times that is when you need to show you care even more, help one another get through those rough times. Anyways I hope this helped.


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