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Top Five Ways to Spot a Bot

Updated on June 1, 2017

In the world of Social Media dating and friendships some weird folk have decided to take it upon themselves to make single man angry at the fake profiles that message them. Whether it be with a compliment or asking for sex they somehow always manage to trick someone or another, here is a Top Five list on how to spot a Bot.

#5, They Don't Listen. In today's generations everyone likes to speak and be heard and listen as well, however bots give you the middle finger at this. These bots basically say hello and send a few automatic replies that seem like they are an actual person talking however that is not the case. If you begin to ask some other questions they will not even pay attention, hell you can even cuss them out and they will continue responding as if nothing happened.

#4, Go To Another Site or Bad Reception. The bots after a message or two will usually ask you to sign up for a website so you can talk more or they will ask you to text them. However once you go to the site and sign up there is no one to be seen. Most of the time the website will ask for your credit card information but the bot will say you won't need to use a card. If they steal your card information or not I do not know but I would still recommend you to not do it at all unless your absolutely sure.

#3, They Will Pretend to Know You. Have you ever got a message or email from a random stranger but they act as if they know you? They are most likely fake. While most of these I have come across were an email I still believe there might be some on social media sites as well. These wily messengers will probably have a few steamy picks on their email or message to try and get you to click on the link or to once again sign up for a website. I do not recommend it at all.

#2, They Are Mainly Women. I have yet to come across any kind of man bot thankfully but this right here is still a problem. While they usually masquerade as a sexy woman they also tend to has one or two pics on their profile, many on POF just has several of the same pictures which is a bit of a clear signal. I believe it is woman because they use their curves and cuteness to seduce men, they are a wily bunch and cannot be trusted.

#1, They Will be Ridiculous. I don't know about you but when a women on a dating website has a nude photo of themselves and says to go to a strange site on her profile I tend not to believe them. Many fakes have been seen on POF telling people to go to a website to hook up, MeetMe has had several people do the same. We have an epidemic on are hands.


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