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Top Tips for Valentines Day

Updated on January 1, 2013
Cupid from a Greek Original statue
Cupid from a Greek Original statue | Source

In the Beginning

In the Beginning there was Adam and Eve and they met, ate an apple, got married and started the world .

This artice is directed at all you Adam's, who may never have progressed on from giving the apple unless prompted.

Romance can be alive, even if you are very young, very old, rich or poor, although money and vitality might make it easier, it is possible if you think carefully about the things that really cause your lady love to glow-

On a budget

If you are running on a tight budget splashing the weeks grocery bill on the love of your life will not help. At the back of her mind will be continually, "what do I use to pay the groceries?". A woman can be wooed by change. Perhaps after a long day at work she always deals with the kids and cooks the dinner, how about doing it for her? See that pile of ironing in the corner of the room. take it away, iron it and put it in the closet- not too difficult is it?

There is no need to cook a difficult costly meal if your cooking skills are not the best. Choose something you know you can cook or reheat and make sure you read the instructions. Perhaps you can get a relative to look after the kids or bribe them to have their meal early and be good so that your dearest can have a quiet meal with you. Clean the table, or trays if you use them, and a nice glass of her favorite drink wont go amiss either. Once the meal is over , wash up! Any romance will be killed dead the next day when the dearest wakes up to a sink full of dirty dishes or a dishwasher that has not been filled and activated.

This was the present that I really wanted and to be honest still want!

If you can afford it, a small gift or bunch of flowers would be nice. Just something small and thoughtful. Check her brand of hosiery or face cream and buy refills if she needs them.

Spending is good

When the children are older you often find that you have a little more cash and it is OK to treat each other.

Perhaps you would like to take her out for a meal- At the outset I must say that McDonalds,Wendys and KFC do not count as going out for a meal. (Nor does Pizza Hut although our local hut is always full on Valentines day). Book in advance, don't leave it to the day as good places get busy. If you need a sitter, get one arranged well before the day as they will be at a premium unless you can find a mom or sister to do it.

Tell her in the morning that you will be going out somewhere nice. She will need time to get her dress together and ensure that she is not having a bad hair day. Most importantly she will want to avoid onions at lunch and so should you.

Pay the bill! Don't forget your credit card or run short of cash and have to ask her for some. Always give a good tip to the waiting staff - especially in advance to make sure that you get really good service. It is not the greatest idea to complain about the price- she can read- she knows it is expensive so don't complain about the price- just sit there and enjoy the food and her company!

Flowers would be really nice- some ladies have their own particular tastes- try and remember them. Go to a florist in advance and order them. Do not rely on the store next to the filling station as others will also be buying at the same time. Chocolates are good but buy the really expensive ones in small quantities therefore even if she is on a diet one or two wont hurt.

The skys the limit

Again planning in advance is important.

Make sure that your private jet is fuelled up and ready to go. Check that it is not nannies day off and if it is bribe her to work (pandora jewellery is a common bribe) Book your restaurant and flight plan at the same time. If you want seclusion book the whole of the restaurant which will ensure that you are undisturbed all evening.

Ask the chauffeur to drive carefully as your beloved will not wish to spill her champagne on her dress. Pass these instructions on to your pilot as it is so not done to arrive dishevelled. All business calls are to be stopped- even your attorney, banker and mother. The cell phone can be switched off- but you may have to think about giving your stock broker access.

Presents are a must. Diamonds- nothing too ostentatious- just small and tasteful. Flowers, again small but tasteful- they are not recommended for your jet owing to water spillage at take off.

And After

By the way romance does not always equal sex. Don't spoil a perfect evening-

Follow my helpful tips and you will have a lovely Valentines day. Just takes a little bit of thought with a varying amount of money.


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