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Top ten common mistakes wives make. Avoid it!

Updated on July 15, 2014

‘Wickets are like wives. You never know what to expect from them.’ – Navjot Singh Sidhu

You as a woman are very emotional and sensitive by nature and expect your husband to be caring towards your emotions. There is absolutely nothing wrong in your expectations.

But the most common blunder you make is that you do not understand that his world is different from that of yours. He as a man will not open out his inner feelings as easily as you do. You feel that he overlooks your goodness and does not appreciate your contribution towards the family. You also feel that he does not love you enough and so drive him nuts by making his life tensed by your nagging interaction.

Where are the common mistakes you make as a wife?

1.You nag him threadbare

You are not satisfied by saying whatever you have to say once. You keep on repeating what you had said an umpteenth time till your husband feels his ears bleeding. When you want to remind him to pay any bills you make it a point to keep on checking on him whether he had done it. You do not it as a reminder, but as way of showing your distrust that he is not responsible. Your husband hates it.

2.Comparison hurts.

You compare him with your colleagues\relatives\friends. ‘They earn more than you’, ‘why can’t you be as efficient as they are’. Words like these makes your husband bitter and indignant. You are oblivious of his anger and so go on and on about his non performance. You make his ego bruised and shattered!

3.You gossip too much

You gossip about your colleagues and expect your husband to listen to you. He does not know your colleagues and so he is not interested in the subject. You make him plain bored by gossiping about your relatives\friends\colleagues\others.

4.Mobile is glued to your ears

When you are home you are always in the mobile talking with your friends or family members forgetting that your husband is at home. You talk and talk in the mobile while your husband literally fumes in anger. Do you know he adores you when you spend quality time with him? His male ego is boosted when you keep your mobile aside to give your full attention to him.

5.Your children becomes your priority

After the birth of your child your concentration is on the baby and your husband becomes secondary. He wants your attention and care as always and you should understand his needs and make him feel wanted.

6.Sex becomes your weapon

You hold sex as a weapon to meet your demands. Your husband hates you for this. You also quote your tiredness for your disinterest in sex and this makes your husband fume in unsatisfied frustration. To him sex is an urgent need while for you it is something you are no longer interested in.

7.You ignore satisfying his taste buds

You cook an indifferent meal as you feel tired from work. But your husband’s rumbling stomach yearns for the tongue tingling food his mother prepared for him with love. Do you know that you can easily enter the heart of your husband through his stomach?

8.You do not take care of your appearance.

You do not take care of your appearance and just let yourself go after a few years of marriage. Your husband wants you to present a visual treat to him and when you do not make efforts to look presentable he feels that you do not love him enough to look good for him.

9.You do not respect his family

You do not respect his family and complain about his mother, sisters and brothers. He loves his family just as you love your family. When you back bite about them, he becomes resentful, angry and insulted.

10.You are too pushy

You want your husband to be very successful monetarily as you are worried about the financial future of your family. You compel him to change company for a better salary which makes your husband fume inside that he is forced out of a job which he enjoys.

Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.’- Franz Schubert

You want the love of your husband more than anything else in your life. Paying attention to the male needs and wishes of your husband make him more inclined towards you. Try to enter the world of your husband and you will be able to see his emotional need to be loved and cared.

© 2013 mathira


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