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Transgenders. We are all human beings

Updated on March 18, 2012

Why we shouldn't judge

When I was first introduced to a transgender woman. I was quite taken back. I was not sure how to act around her. I didn't know what to say. I mean, they are different than me right? I sat back and just looked on and listened to the conversation at hand. Here was this beautiful woman, who in my opinion, was no different than me. She was born a man, but lived as a woman. Her voice was soft. She had a beautiful body, and was really no different than any other woman that I knew. The only difference between her and I was that she was born with male genitalia. The more I spoke with her the more I began to like her. We became good friends. She would tell me about how she made her transformation to a woman. Taking hormone shots monthly, going to speech classes to change her voice, getting breasts, and finally changing her name. The courage it took for her to do this was amazing. The ridicule that she gets daily from co-workers and outsiders about her gender is un-called for and biased. Although she does joke about being a trans gender I know deep inside of her it is hard for her to do daily activities without always wondering if someone will know who and what she is. Always looking over her back to see if someone is watching her or following her. We as a society in general do not understand people that are different than us. No matter what our gender is or sexual orientation is we are all people. We are not to judge those around us based on our sexual orientation. Would you like to be judged for being a heterosexual male or female. In their eyes they are no different than us. They eat, breathe and sleep as we do. They go to work, walk their dogs, and drive their cars to the store. They also have feelings and emotions as we all do. Step into the shoes of a transgender and walk their path for a day and see how it feels to be them. Always worrying about being judged and what will happen if someone finds out. I challenge you all to talk to a transgender and get to know them. You may realize they are the most wonderful, thoughtful, non-judgmental people out there. They just want to be accepted into society as we all do.


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    • Sara-NtheMiddle profile image

      Sara-NtheMiddle 5 years ago from United States

      Nice hub Kris. So many people are quick to judge but take little time to get to know someone for who they truly are. We are all the same, we just want to be loved and accepted. Hugs to you

    • profile image

      kala2032 6 years ago

      Very well written. Today's society needs to be more open to the fact that we all have our own way. If it is different then yours so what. We can only start by teaching those around us to be more tolerant. I for one start with me and then my kids.