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"True Love Is...": Recognize Love in Your Life

Updated on December 3, 2018
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Rohan believes that recognizing love when it happens will help you truly cherish the experience.

Being in love is a gift.
Being in love is a gift. | Source


I am not a certified counselor. Please use the insights from this article at your own discretion.


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What True Love Is Not

The influence of popular culture has led to the growth of many misconceptions about love. Movies, music videos, and sitcoms often portray a true lover as someone who is clingy and cannot be away from their love interest. This is, of course, not true.

Before discussing what love is, it is important to be aware of what it isn't. A person who is truly in love with another won't do the following things:

  • Stalk them
  • Verbally abuse or threaten them
  • Use blackmail to force their consent
  • Issue them ultimatums
  • Cheat on them
  • Use them for sex and leave them in the lurch
  • Force them to follow a particular religion
  • Physically abuse them
  • Spy on them
  • Hack into their social media or email accounts
  • Boast of wealth and status in front of them
  • Feel insecure every time their partner talks to another person

Note: Read on to the end of the article for a quick checklist of the signs of true love.

How Do I Know If I Am Truly in Love?

You can recognize love when you experience it. Love is not something you can miss. It will be in your face! If you are truly in love, you will notice that your whole existence becomes a whole lot brighter and happier. You will start experiencing happiness at the most unexpected times. You will catch yourself smiling even when the going is tough.

Love is always a happy thing.

Here are some signs you are in love. You will need to notice multiple signs at the same time to really be sure you are in love.

You Feel Compassion for This Person

When you truly love someone, you love them for who they are. You earnestly wish the best for them at all times. You suffer when they suffer. You rejoice at their successes.

Looks and Wealth Are Not Your Main Criteria

When you are in love, the way your partner looks or how rich they are is not as important as the fact that you want them to be happy at all costs, even if without you.

You See a Long-Term Future

Love is all about the long term. If you just want to hook up with someone to please yourself, you are definitely not in love.

When you are in love with someone, you are able to foresee a future with them, and this view of the future is aware of the risks you will face and the sacrifices you will make. You are practical and not emotional.

You Are Willing to Take "No" for An Answer

When you are in love, you are willing to accept rejection. To you, the long-term happiness of your partner is more important than your short-term pleasure. You are willing to be practical rather than go by your feelings.

You Are Willing to Make Sacrifices

When you are truly in love, you realize that you need to give up on certain comforts in order to be able to have a sustainable future with your partner, and you are willing to make these sacrifices. Some of the things you may need to sacrifice for the sake of love may include social or class status, the support of your parents, work opportunities, leisure time, etc.

You Realize That The Relationship Cannot Fix You

As a mature lover, you know that you must be the best version of yourself in order to avoid problems. The person who expects their partner or relationship to set right their character defects is being immature. Love is a crucible. It isn't all pleasure. No relationship can fix the issues you have with yourself.

Your relationship cannot fix your character defects.
Your relationship cannot fix your character defects. | Source

You Choose to Love

Love is a choice. You can truly love someone only if you make the decision that they are important to you. You cannot just "fall" in love with someone. True love requires a conscious choice. If you are "falling" in love with someone, you are probably just infatuated with them.

You Don't Avoid Your Obligations in Order to Be with Your Lover

As a mature person, you realize you cannot avoid your responsibilities. You recognize that you must continue to fulfill your responsibilities as always. You cannot use love as a diversion from the realities of daily life.

You regular responsibilities don't magically disappear when you are in love.
You regular responsibilities don't magically disappear when you are in love. | Source

You Continue to Engage with Society

True love cannot exist in a vacuum. Two sensible people in love will not shut themselves up in a bubble and ignore the world around them. They will continue to observe and be responsive to the needs of those who count on them.

You Are Able to Be Assertive in The Relationship

Being in love doesn't mean you give up your self-respect and dignity. If your love is real, you will be able to stand up for yourself and your beliefs in a classy manner. You will not feel any sort of insecurity that your beliefs will lead to the end of the relationship.

What True Love Is

True Love is selfless and compassionate. A person who is truly in love with another will do the following:

  • Respect their partner's decision regardless of what it is
  • Continue to fulfill their obligations toward their family and society
  • Be compassionate and accommodating of their partner
  • Think long term
  • Make a conscious decision to be faithful to their partner
  • Be assertive whenever required
  • Realize that the relationship won't fix their weaknesses
  • Be aware that they will need to make sacrifices for the partner
  • Look beyond appearance and wealth


The Signs of True Love
You feel a deep empathy for the person.
You check on them regularly to make sure they are doing okay.
The primary reason for the attraction is not their attractiveness or wealth.
You are willing to take constructive criticism from them.
You feel comfortable being yourself in their presence.
You look for opportunities to be helpful without patronizing them.
Your love for them helps you appreciate the world around you better.
Your love for them helps you value other people more.
You are able to respect their decision to move on beyond the relationship.
You respect them even after the things haven't worked out.
You are able to be assertive in the relationship.
You are willing to give them their personal space.
You are willing to become a better person.

True Love Checklist

Final Word

You hopefully have a clearer idea now of whether you are in love or are infatuated. If you found this article useful, share it with someone you care for so that they may benefit from it.

© 2018 Rohan Rinaldo Felix


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