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Discover the World's Richest Men in History of Mankind

Updated on April 2, 2019
Stanley Masiga profile image

We live in times when people have lost the value of truth. Mankind are living according to the system without questioning if its right/wrong

We live in times when money is actually buying love. We constantly hear that a man is 'he who has nice and expensive shoes' but what if the man who wears expensive shoes and suites does not have a roof on his head, is he rich or foolish?


A true rich man is not insecure about his appearance but he is confident weather or not he is wearing expensive suits or cheap sandals. This is the thing, a rich man can know the kind of people he interacts with by becoming like a poor man,only then can he know his true friends and those who truly love him and not his money.

Materialistic women judges men according to their clothes, that is; if he is wearing sandals he is poor but if he's wearing $5000 shoes he is rich and the thought that such a situation could be vice versa, never enters their mind. Because we have believed that those who are rich look rich and those who are poor look poor and not vice versa.

And downward the world goes into deeper darkness. There are a lot of poor people in expensive suites, shoes, cars and houses than there are rich people. You can know a rich man and a poor man. A rich man is not he who shows his riches to men (expensive shoes or suits) but is he who knows he is rich but wears sandals, and often, he does not attract any attention and does not need or want attention.

He is confident of himself and yet the poor man in expensive shoes and suites hiding his insecurities, mocks him because of the rich man's simplicity.

What makes a man rich is not material possessions but his way of thinking and understanding.


Should a man settle in poverty? No, should he desire to be rich? Yes, but not in material possessions, for riches lie in books and not in material things, thus the saying, 'there are a lot of poor people in big houses, in expensive suites and shoes than there are truly rich people'.

A good number of faithful men and women who went through poverty and into success give testimony of what they went through and the drastic change which took place in their minds. The testimonies of these people reveals, that poverty is a learning tool. Put poverty as your master and he will rule over you and make you miserable for he is a cruel, ruthless and merciless master.

If all the poor in the world are given one million dollars each there will be poverty still. For poverty is a state of mind and it is not lack of material things, also being rich is a state of mind and not in the possession of material things. A man may be rich but he is poor because of his state of mind and a man maybe poor in material things but has understanding, which will guide him in acquisition of the necessary material things and will give light to him so that he may be able to see the snares hidden in accumulation of riches. Such a man can be said of him that he is a truly rich man.


‘If you do not know yourselves then you live in poverty and you are the poverty’ said the great king. Poverty resides within a man who does not know who he is, why he was born and his purpose on earth, this applies both to the rich and the poor. Money does not end poverty, hard work does not end poverty for one can work hard but with the wrong mindset. Having a car does not mean that one is rich, riches is not found in acquiring possessions for oneself, a rich man should not be called rich because of his possessions but by the state of his mind only then he is called a rich man.

What ends poverty

Money does not end poverty, hard work does not end poverty for one can work hard but with the wrong mindset. Having a car does not mean that one is rich, riches are found in understanding, a rich man should not be called rich because of his possessions but by the state of his mind only then he is called a rich man. Therefore a rich man is he who;

  • Knows his creator and acknowledges his sovereignty, authority and power.
  • Has acquired understanding and wisdom of the ages.
  • Knows who he is and yet he humbles himself.
  • Obeys and follows the decrees of the creator.


The mind of a truly rich man operates differently from the mind of an ordinary rich and poor man.

  • The man focuses on greater things which influences or affects the lives of men and women, spiritually, emotionally and physically. He rises to the higher plane of thought, which makes him see the snares hidden for those in the lower state both rich and poor.
  • The rich man does not waste time with women and does not have sexual relations with any woman who is pleasing or beautiful in his eyes, for he understands and see the goal of such a woman, but rather he waits patiently for the right woman who has the same interests as he has.
  • The truly rich man humbles himself before his creator and acknowledges him.
  • He is confident with or without possession of material things.
  • He loves books and reading.
  • He constantly learns from the failures and mistakes of other people as if he was the one who made the mistake.


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    • Stanley Masiga profile imageAUTHOR

      Stanley Masiga 

      12 months ago from Nairobi, Kenya


    • profile image


      12 months ago

      Stanley Masiga just wnts to be a friend

    • Stanley Masiga profile imageAUTHOR

      Stanley Masiga 

      12 months ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      Yes, very true but what i wanted to point out is that, wealth or riches precedes material possession and that material possession does not DETERMINE a man's riches or poverty. Why? because poverty is a state of mind not lack of material things because they are there.

      This therefore also applies to the man who has an abundance of material possession, he also can be called poor, why? because the state of his mind is the same as the poor man the only difference being that he has an abundance of material possession and the other has not.

      Therefore the statement, 'there are a lot of poor people in mansions and expensive suits than there are rich people'. You know why? rich people knows how to manage their money, they don't allow liabilities to exceed or match their assets but the middle class people purchase liabilities (expensive suits, expensive cars and shoes) which makes them look rich but are poor and the poor have expenses.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      12 months ago from Chicago

      "should he desire to be rich? Yes, but not in material possessions"

      The reality is anyone who lives in a capitalistic country needs a certain amount of income to have decent standard of living. In addition they will need a variety of insurance policies as well.

      One major health problem could wipe out a person.

      There is nothing wrong or evil with being materially wealthy.

      Poverty sucks and anyone who has truly been poor will tell you so. The goal is not so much to be "rich" but rather do the best YOU can do. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Do your best to have the best. The world may not owe you anything but YOU owe yourself the world. Jesus states in John 10:10

      ".. I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly."

      Mark 11:24

      "What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them."

      Matthew 6:33

      "But seek ye first the kingdom of God..."

      Luke 17:21

      "..the kingdom of God is within you.."

      All of the above suggests that by asking with faith one can have {whatever they so desire}. Being rich is not a sin unto itself.

      How one conducts them self and how they use their wealth makes all the difference in the world. Money is just a tool to barter with others in exchange for services and products. It's neutral.


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