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Trust in ourselves

Updated on October 6, 2011

Trust. How do you continue to trust when we are constantly deceived?

I know that by some divine power, I am protected! The times when it seems that I am not protected from harm means that there is a lesson to be learnt that prevents me from repeating that error and it brings on strength later on in life as I progress to another phase or another level in living.

I was amazed to learn recently that there is some protection in being naive. I have always felt that way, when I reflect on the occurences in my life but I had never heard it from another mouth before.

We do not always have to fight our own battles and so not knowning everything that happening arround us gives some level of protection in many instances. We therefore don't waste that kind of energy on fighting back or building defences that sometimes don't work. Energy which could be better spent preparing ourselves to receive the blessing that come our way. Preparing; meaning staying in connection our Supreme Being in harmony with the life that is in our environment. Don't get me wrong the enemy is always arround and we deal with it with our wisdom and intelligence. Sometimes the enemy creates distractions that should best be ignored. The distraction of knowing can be obstacles in our path of development (especially if one is sensitive as I am). We have to be careful to keep our focus. The fear that sometimes knowing brings into our system, allows for us to put energy into creatings sheilds that we think are going to protect us and that, could do more harm than good. Always keep in mind that the knowlege that we already have is empowerment and we should try always, to use it intelligently.

In a very simple format lets look at the case of someone who accuses us wrongly, if we become aware of what was said we could spend time trying to payback or we can continue to be kind to the individual and in the process cause them rethink how wrong the acussion was. On the other hand we could make an enemy if we try payback. Trusting ourselves in faith is what will allow us to destroy the enemy.There will always be spiritual battles , the evil one is always busy, taking many different forms to attack us constantly.

If we trust in the Great Holy Spirit, the spirit of goodness the spirit of love, only then can we trust in ourselves that we are guilded to make the right decisions. Amidst all of these listening is key, listening with your eyes, ears and with your Spirit, which should be in line with the goods spirits. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

When we listen to the history many a sucessfull man or woman, most times they have gone through some great emmotional toil. Emmotional unpleasantries that has allow them to build character. When another think that they have hurt us they are really doing themselves great harm, our role therefore is not to give in to these hurts but to move on, freeing ourselves from the chains that these evils are meant to create. The enslavement that hold us down. The Holy Spirit have blessed us with many gitfs,including that of healing and we should continue to use these for our development and happiness.

All in all, amidst the unkindess and dishonesty arround us we need to join forces with those who beleive and trust our own selves in faith. We do not too much time waste time worrying about other peoples decitfulness. Be cautious though that the the knowledge that each of us has aquired will help us deal with each situation.

Yeah, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we will fear no evil. For thou art with us. Thy rod and thy staff they comfort us. (psalm 123).

It only when we can trust ourselves trust our instincts, trust our motives that we are free to propel forward and realize our fullest potentials. To be the best that we can, not necessarirly like every other person but in our own uniqueness. There will always be battes to fight. They will be attack from all directions and in areas that we least expect . Remain confident in our purpose. Trust ourselves according to your divine purpose. This confidence will allow us to therefore then, trust those who are to be trusted.


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    • SanLaro profile image

      Paulette LaRocque 6 years ago from Dominica/Guyana

      Hi Eric, thank you for taking time off to read my hub and voting it up.

    • Eric Prado profile image

      Eric Prado 6 years ago from Webster, Texas

      Beautiful Hub. I loved it. Voted up.