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Turn Him On With These Simple Texts!

Updated on November 19, 2015

"Sext" or "Sexting"

First of all, let's define this newly introduced word...

Sext - (/sekst/)



gerund or present participle: sexting

  1. send (someone) sexually explicit photographs or messages via cell phone.

Yes, you guessed it... The word is built from two different words. Sex and Texting. So now that we know what exactly this means let's talk about it! Why is it so popular and how did it come about? We as humans are by far one of the most sexually present mammals on this planet. We all need a way to release our urges by way of mostly physical but also mental senses. If you can't be there physically, heighten his senses with mental images and eroticism! In this new age of technology it is much easier to send a text rather than pick up the phone or showing up at someone's house. Let's just say people have also grown much larger "balls" when sending a text rather than actually saying it. Sexting has become the new foreplay...the gateway to sexual encounters between two individuals. Men are known to have a high sexual drive. Women do as well, but we are way better at controlling ourselves I guess. Show him how spunky you really are with a simple text message and watch the passion unfold!

What Do You Think?

How often do you "Sext" your mate?

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Should I send a Sext?

When is an appropriate time to send a sext? Answer: ANYTIME! Whether you're laying in bed, at work, or he's at the gym playing b-ball with his buddies I assure you he will not disapprove of your sexting! In fact, he will find it some-what like a living fantasy and you will be amazed at how much faster your work day goes by! You may be asking yourself..."Should I send him a pic of my boobs while he's working?" or "I'm not sure who is around, should I sext him anyway?" Put your worries aside! More than likely he embraces the fact that you are even thinking about him enough to send him a sext instead of a simple, "Hey, what's up?". So pick up the damn phone and send that sext!

Do's and Don'ts of Sexting


  • Respond in a timely manner. It will typically take 3-6 minutes to respond to a text message in general. When it comes to sexting you want to keep the excitement going. So a 30 minute time frame between sexts might be a bit much. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. If you are both understandably at work or a bit busy at the moment, try to be as responsive as possible, but each sext should get dirtier as the day goes on. Make him crave you soon as he walks in the door after a long day at work!
  • Take initiative! There's a lot of things that turn a man on, but a woman taking initiative in the sex world is a huge turn on for him! Be the first to send that raunchy sext!
  • Send him photos of your boobs! Give him something to look forward to!


  • Send a message to the wrong person. How embarrassing! More so if you send the sext to someone like, oh let's say, YOUR DAD! Especially if it's an explicit photo you are sending. Make sure you know who you're sexting! A Sext can never be undone!
  • Respond with "LOL", "HaHa", or other 1 word answers. Don't kill the moment with simple answers. Keep the excitement going. Keep it short an sweet but not 1 word answers!
  • Send a video! I know, it sounds tempting. But remember...even if he is at work and his ringer volume is down, his media volume may not be. Opening an explicit video download in the middle of a meeting for everyone to hear loud and clear may make for quite the office gossip. Stick to the photos and you're smooth sailing!

Sexting Age Range

If you're an adult 18+ and sexting, what is you're age range?

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Get Him Going - Send These Sexts!

  • I have a naughty surprise for you!
  • Send him a sexy photo while saying "I can't believe thinking about you makes me want you so bad!"
  • When he ask's "WYD?" respond with a photo of your boobs saying, "Laying in bed...hanging with the girls..."
  • Don't be afraid to get downright FILTHY! "Mmmmm my (explicit text) is craving your attention! Bring that sexy ass home NOW!" You can fill in the blanks...
  • "I been thinking about that (explicit text) all day long. I'm ready for the ride of my life :::winkwink:::"
  • Send a sexy pic of your clothed ass with thong hanging out while saying, "These are ready to be taken off...with your teeth..." Leave the rest up to his imagination!
  • Call him "Daddy" I know it sounds weird but i SWEAR he will love it! "MMmmm's so big! You gonna gimme that (explicit text) later? I promise I'll be a good girl.."
  • Being straight up blunt never harms either..."I want you to (explicit text) me right now. Meet me in my car on your lunch break!"
  • "Dinner plans tonight? I have something delicious for you to eat."
  • Simple and straight forward is always good..."About to run out for a bit...cum tap this real quick."
  • "I hope you don't mind but if you're spending the neighbors will know your name by the morning."
  • "Thinking about you got me needing to change my panties!"

Some Advice

Be creative! Keep him wanting more! It's easy to look up an article about how to sext, but be yourself and sext in your own creative way! Create code words for each other and your filthy actions that only you two know what you're talking about. Keep it exciting! Start with sexting as foreplay before the actual foreplay. If it's a long distance relationship keep him interested and away from wondering hands! No matter what your situation have fun with it. It will only MAKE your relationship...never break it. Don't be shy and get dirty with that hunk of man you are yearning for!


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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 23 months ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      I sext my husband regularly, and we have great sex. You do have one very good tip, and I can say from experience, be careful who you send that message to!

      Thanks for writing.


    • Amanda Holzinger profile image

      Cocky Mommy 2 years ago from New Jersey

      Well said lol and i do agree. This article is for those who believe sexting may spice up their love life a bit. Me being one of those people hehe. But what works for ne may not work for others! :) thanks for the conment and feedback!

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 2 years ago

      Sexting photos is a real gamble! Then again so is marriage!

      According to statistics 50% of marriages end in divorce!

      Couples who are only dating or cohabitating are far more likely not to stay together forever. Therefore the sext you send today is more likely to be (shared with others) eventually. In fact there are websites specifically designed for men to upload nude pictures and videos of their exes!

      I'm not saying sexting won't turn us guys on. I'm just saying that odds are it won't be seen by just (your) man. This is especially true if you ever breakup. One man's opinion!:)