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Unconditional Love and Its True Meaning

Updated on April 21, 2017
The Truth About Unconditional Love
The Truth About Unconditional Love | Source

Every other song on the radio talks about it. Everyone, in their own way, will admit to wanting it. And, yet, despite this deep desire for it, very few people can give or cite examples of truly unconditional love. In this world, it seems like love, much less unconditional love, is becoming more and more rare. So, what is unconditional love? And where can it be found?

The truth is, love can’t be defined easily, because it comes in so many different shapes and forms. However, most people will agree that the example of true, unconditional love is most easily seen in the relationship of a parent and a child. These relationships, how a child is loved, will often define what love is for him or her for their entire life.

Parental love is a love unlike any other. It’s a love that is completely free of selfishness. What, after all, can a baby give to its parents? Anyone who has seen a parent singing their child to sleep or calming their child when it cries will attest to the fact that parents give love instinctively, expecting nothing back. In fact, some say that the love a mother has for her child is biologically ingrained in her. She has no choice but to love the little creature she created, giving all of herself to her child, even to the point of death.

If all children received this example of unconditional love, and their definition of love is based on this, then why is there so little love in the world? This is because the unconditional love of a parent is being corrupted. It’s common practice now days for babies to be abandoned, left unwanted on the side of the road or in garbage cans. Orphanages are filled with babies that have been left, seemingly unloved, by parents who couldn’t or wouldn’t care for their children.

Even for those children that aren’t treated this harshly as a babies, as they grow older, they may be faced with challenges of their own. Even if their parents love them unconditionally, when they’re expected to behave a certain way or achieve certain goals, this may come across as being a condition on the parents’ love. Children who feel they have disappointed their parents might feel they have lost some of their love. This distortion leads to further the corrupt the idea of ‘unconditional love’.

The most commonly discussed form of love is romantic love. It’s built up to be this beautiful, earth shaking, life changing thing that will bring two people together. And, just like the end of every Disney movie, they’ll live happily ever after. Unfortunately, so much of the time, this isn’t the case for romantic love.

For a romantic relationship to last, both people need to commit to each other. There needs to be a mutual respect and a friendship between the two. They need to be able to talk to each other and support each other. They’re honest with each other and put the other person first.

Unfortunately, a lot of the times, long-lasting romantic relationships look nothing like the romances people build up in their minds. These relationships are hard. There will be trials. Sometimes those trials will be from the physical world. If one partner can’t work, the other one will need to step up and support them both. If there’s been a tragedy in one of their families, the other must be willing to put life on hold while dealing with it. If there are health issues, from accidents to disease to infertility, partners need to be there for each other, always loving and always supporting. Some of these trials will be emotional. Feelings of depression may try to come between partners. Feelings of inadequacy or hopelessness will be overcome by both people in the relationship, even if only one is feeling them.

But, people looking for the romantic picture they painted in their heads usually aren’t ready to stick with a romantic partner for the long-term. Their love is conditional.

I’ll love you, as long as we have enough money.

I’ll love you, as long as we’re healthy.

I’ll love you, as long as you make me feel good.

I’ll love you, until someone more attractive comes along

These are only some of the conditions that are put on romantic relationships now days. Just like parental love, romantic love has been corrupted.

Endless Supply of Unconditional Love
Endless Supply of Unconditional Love | Source

Once again, there is the question: What is unconditional love? Where can it be found? Well, it all starts here:

Unconditional Love is Completely Selfless

True unconditional love is one that requires nothing in return. It’s a love that will encourage, support, and uplift continuously, with no strings attached. So few people will experience this type of love from other people in their lifetime. And that’s understandable. Unconditional love has strict qualifiers. It must be patient and kind, on top of not being selfish. It mustn’t get angry, envious, or prideful. It protects, hopes, trusts, and always preservers. That is unconditional love.

Unconditional Love is Divine

After reading the description of unconditional love, it can be disheartening. It seems impossible to obtain. Thankfully, Someone already loves unconditionally. The only source of true unconditional love is God. This is a love that is given freely and abundantly, without any conditions whatsoever. And this is the best part.

Unconditional Love is Available to You

True love, unconditional love, is available for everyone. By walking the path of faith and light, anyone can experience unconditional love. Through prayer, spending time in the word of God, the true power of unconditional love can be realized. And, once a person is tapped into Divine source, little bits can be spread to others, through acts of kindness and service. And that’s how love can be spread and shared through the world.

The world is deteriorating. As love becomes rarer, hate takes it place. However, by accessing God’s unconditional love, you can add a little more love to this world. And not the distorted corrupted love that the world worships, but the pure, unconditional love of God.


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    • Psalmist4M profile image

      Psalmist4M 20 months ago from the Shelter of His Wings

      I really appreciate and advocate your views and understanding of "unconditional love". My only recommendation would be to provide resources (scriptures, writings from well documented scholars/authors, etc.) to support and substantiate your beliefs.

      Well written and presented.