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Effects Of Negative Compensation

Updated on September 7, 2016

Definition Of Negative Compensation

Negative repayment means that those you once favored are currently denying you at the hour of your need. It's the removal of your name from the memory of those you've assisted. It means your cry to be remembered is disregarded. Negative compensation happens when others use your gifts, skills and concepts and then, they obviate you. These individuals profit from you. It's unmerited treatment from people that had benefited from you. It's the spirit that creates individuals to penalize you for doing something sensible for them.

It;s when the person you spent your remuneration to send to school is currently victimizing you. It's once all of your friends you have got and helped within the past have currently become unfriendly friends. Negative compensation shows its ugly face once you pay individuals in golden coins and they pay you back in cowries.

These individuals profit from you. It's unmerited treatment from people that had benefited from you. The HOLY BIBLE says we must render help to whom it's due.After we sow into people's lives, our expectation is that they ought to sow back into our lives. However, there's a mysterious spirit that hinders the natural law of multiplication in our lives. There ought to be enough returns for each sensible work you have got done. If there's very little or none coming, in spite of the good deeds you're doing and have done, then negative compensation is at work

I'll use the following real life story of negative compensation that happened to a young lady who lived in an African village to drive home my point.

Mrs. Rose

Mrs. Rose lost her husband on the day she gave birth to a son. People who came to rejoice along with her were the ones that broke the negative news regarding the death of her husband to her. It absolutely was a day of sorrow and joy for her.

She struggled to send her son to high school for several years and by GOD'S grace, her son became a medical doctor and extremely flourished in the city. He worked in the city far from the village where his mother still lived. He never visited his mother but sent small cash yearly. Mrs. Rose could barely survive on this money.

After four years, the house she was living was sold and all her properties were shuffed out, she couldn't afford to pay for another accomodation so she ventured to search for her son in the city.

Fortunately, she found the clinic where her son was operating. She met the nurse and asked to see her son. The nurse was cross, shouted at her loudly, ''who is your son? ''You can't be the doctor's mother. Look at the way you're dressed, get out! She argued with the nurse. Fortunately the doctor her son detected her voice. Ashamed and stunned, he asked why she was in towm. Mrs. Rose narrated her woess to her son. Looking at his expression, she realised he was ashamed of her in the presence of the medical staffs.

He took the mother home, gave her food and a place to sleep.In the morning, when he visited his mother, she was gone. She left as a result of her son who didn't welcome her, therefore she went into the streets confused and crying. He was worried and sought for her to no avail.

The subsequent day, he was to conduct an operation on a patient who had been knocked down by a car. Before he started the operation, he checked out the face of the patient and he discovered that it absolutely was his mother. An automobile had knocked her down. A village woman roaming in town, He struggled to keep her alive but unfortunately she died two hours lately. Do you remember Joseph's brother who paid him evil for the good he did? He was sent by his father to take food to his brothers however he got slavery in return.

How to prevent negative compensation

Wage war against the negative spirit through prayer. It's vital to know when the role of someone in your destiny is over, therefore you must not harbor bitterness unnecessarily, you progress on along with your life.

Once someone hurts you again and again, I beg you, shine your eyes and look for another person who won't hurt deliberately or accidentally. GOD will continually help and open your eyes to visualize who are the friendly and unfriendly enemies of your life.

Many folks especially the older ones with a wealth of experience have passed through such negative experience. There ought to be enough returns for each good we do, however sadly, not many of the individuals we've assisted to will pay us back in gold coins. There's a force that forestalls us from profiting

Which other phrase describes negative repayment?

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    • moronkee profile image

      Moronke Oluwatoyin 4 years ago

      A big thanks for your comment.

    • Peggasuse profile image

      Peggasuse 4 years ago from Indiana, USA

      Well, I don't really believe that you should do something for a person, and expect something back. That's not really doing a "good" deed. It's more like doing a "selfish" deed.

      The mother in your story did what every good mother would her child in his efforts to make a good life for himself. Unselfish people don't expect payment back for this. They just do it out of love.

      Now the son, on the other hand, does seem to have a problem. He seems to totally have forgotten that his mother put all of her own needs aside, to help him. This of course was the reason why he was living in luxury and she still lived the life of a pauper. This looks like something he needs to realize about himself. It is amazing how easily good deeds are forgotten sometimes...

      Anyway, I don't think that people should try to find other people to help, who will eventually help them. I think there would be a lot of stress in locating those types of people.

      I think it's best that we just walk through life, doing as much good as we can, and spreading as much happiness as we can. I think that will be most helpful in the afterlife...much more then money or services.

      I say, just forgive everyone who has ever hurt you. They're just confused and lost and need to live some more. and learn some more. Don't torture yourself by blaming them for what they didn't do, or blaming yourself for helping, without getting payback.

      You will be repaid...if not on Earth, then in the afterlife...and I believe that's more important.