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Unhealthy Relationship

Updated on May 10, 2012

Unhealthy Attachment

Look around us , our friends , relatives , siblings , acquaintances or even celebrity we do not know but read about on the magazines and newspaper. You read about so and so trying to keep their relationship together for the sake of their children , for money , for comfort etc even though the boyfriend or husband was not faithful or some women trap themselves in an abusive loveless relationship because they are afraid to venture out on their own or because she love too much and willing to take whatever been throw at her. They let their so call love ones treat them bad and forgotten who they really are before they will committed. 

Why are these people willing to be with someone who is obviously not good for them and yet they wont walk away. Some are afraid to be alone because they never enjoy their own company and need another person for assurance of some sort , is just like when you are alone in the house you just blast your music so loud or switch on the television just so you wont feel alone. Silence scares you and you just need some sort of noise to feel better. There are so many reasons that a person involved themselves in unhealthy relationship. Have they ever think that perhaps they be much happier if they are going to change their habits of holding on to someone who is not good for them and start to have a relationship with themselves first. Understanding themselves and start to love themselves before embarking on another new healthy relationship. This time around they probably will make better choice for a mate who is a positive influence and who could bring out the best in them and not stuck themselves for reasons that will eventually tear them apart.  

As difficult as the choice may be to confront our fears and step away from our comfort zone or let go of people who is not good for us. The change could be an inevitable step toward finding personal truth and creating happiness for our self by letting go users, losers and abusers and seeking quality relationship that is good for us. 

If we do that is the first step of showing love to our self and respecting our self our values and what we truly are within and not giving control to someone to treat us bad. We do have control over our life and how we want to live it. Time to rid ourselves of old fears and limiting habits and start liberating ourselves to become a more positive and healthy person in body and mind that is not afraid to be alone and not afraid to take chances in life. Is better to take chances and rid ourselves of old bad habits and unhealthy attachment then to live in regret. 



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