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DIY Unique gift ideas for your husband

Updated on July 15, 2015
First page of the book
First page of the book
Handmade book
Handmade book

Marriages are made in heaven but it’s up to you to preserve the beauty of this relationship. A successful marriage has lots of miniscule elements which make it worth remembering and cherishing in the old age. Your married life's necklace is made up of small beads which depict the most beautiful and worth remembering incidents. After marriage, the occasions like your birthday, anniversary etc becomes very important for you as they give you the chance to express your eternal love for your special one.

I have always been a creative person. I like surprises a lot. I keep planning for every important occasion in our life. I am going to share you some of the ideas for making your special days more special…

Mohit’s (My Husband) birthday:

Mohit is a passionate sports lover and a super Cricket, Soccer and TT player. He has represented his team in Cricket at the national level too. So the first thing that came to my mind was to gift him something related to sports.

I gifted him a jersey with the Surname ‘Khanna’ (Mohit Khanna) and his lucky number ‘14 printed on the back. On the front side, I got the pic of his favorite player Sachin Tendulkar’ printed. He was surprised and elated to get the jersey on his birthday.

Our first anniversary:

This is something out of the box. After giving my efforts for almost a month I could make that gift ready.

I made a journey book for him which included testimonials and pics of the people who were very close to him since childhood. I left no stone unturned to find out those people (Thanks to the social media and my father-in-law who helped me a lot in finding out the cell numbers and email ids of those people). The content of the book was:

  1. Newspaper cuttings of his achievements in school and college which my father-in-law had preserved.
  2. Testimonial and pics form his child hood friends. With every testimonial, there was an older pic of that friend with Mohit.
  3. Testimonial and pics form his college friends (very close). With every testimonial, there was an older pic of that friend with Mohit, censored/uncensored pics of their group parties and few funny incidents which they remember till date.
  4. Testimonial and pics form his office friends (very close) who have now left and joined other companies. With every testimonial, there was a pic of that friend with Mohit and some unforgettable incidents.
  5. Testimonial and pics form his teachers/coaches. With every testimonial, there was an older pic of that teacher with Mohit.
  6. Then there was message for him from his father and my father.
  7. Lastly there was a message from me for him.

The book that I had selected was a traditional one with handmade black papers. I wrote messages/made designs/ borders with silver and white glitter pen. I took the print out of the messages of his friends and others and glued them on different pages. I even cut each page in different shape to enhance the look (for example leaf, oval, D shape and so on)

Finally it turned out to be a wonderful surprise gift. My husband was spellbound when I gifted him the book. He was lost in the memory lane and felt very good after reading messages from his friends and others. It was like reliving those beautiful moments. The happiness on his face made my day.

Some of the other gifts that I have given him on several occasions are:

  • Coffee mug with our pics and a message printed on it.
  • A very high quality TT bat
  • IPod, as he is a diehard music lover
  • Shoes


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