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Unique Date Ideas & Ways to Spend Time Together as a Couple

Updated on June 19, 2013
Dates don't have to be boring!
Dates don't have to be boring! | Source

Once you’ve been in a relationship for awhile, it can be easy to fall into a rut. The same restaurants, the same date night, the same board games. Sometimes you and your partner just want to change things up a bit, but don’t know how. Here’s a list of some unique ways that you can change up your date night or even pick up a new hobby together.


Take a class together.

Martial arts are a popular couple’s option. No, you may never become a competitive black belt, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while learning some practical self-defense moves with your sweetheart. The best part of taking a class as a partnered adult is that you have a ready-made project partner, eliminating the awkwardness of scanning the room and waiting for someone to make hesitant eye contact.

Other options include cooking classes, skydiving, rock climbing, wildlife rehab, pottery, painting, or even learning a foreign language. Anything that gets you and your significant other engaged in learning a practical and fun skill makes for a welcome departure from the routine dinner and a movie date night.


Play video games with your partner.

Okay, you might be thinking the same thing I first thought when I sat down in front of Skyrim: I hate video games. I’m going to hate this one, too. However, the world of gaming has changed a lot from the days we non-gamers sat in front of our Nintendo 64 consoles playing mindless rounds of Mario and Crash Bandicoot. Modern games are much more story driven and give the feel of being immersed in a movie with total control. Whether you like mystery, horror, fantasy, sci-fi or even westerns, there’s a game that you and your mate can play together for some quality time.


Role playing games.

No, that’s not the kind I’m talking about. My fiancée and I actually met through an uber-geeky online role play complete with werewolf characters, dragons and sorcery. MMORPGs aren’t the only way to role play. Sign up for a free forum or join one of the thousands of text role playing message boards that exist around the internet. It’s essentially the same thing as writing a novel, just in real-time with another person. It’s a great way to get to know the inner workings of your significant other’s mind and explore a fantasy world together without sitting in front of a TV.

Earn extra money by freelancing together.

Why not turn earning some extra spending money into a couple’s activity? This is an especially productive approach for couples who tend to argue over money issues. Maybe your spouse is a whiz kid when it comes to computer programming, or maybe you’ve got a knack for homemade luxury items like novelty soaps or jewelry. Why not set up an Etsy store or a freelance design business? If one person’s more creative, let the other handle the business and marketing angle. You’ll both be investing your time and effort into a fun, mutually shared project that may even turn into a full-fledged business!

Attend a local festival.

You might be surprised at the quality of events going on in your city. No matter what time of year, there’s bound to be some sort of cultural, music or art fair going on. Check your city government’s tourism page or your local library’s website for upcoming event calendars and find something you’ll both enjoy. Many times these events are completely free to get into. We went to a Latin American culture fair last year and enjoyed a night of great food from street vendors, dancing and getting to meet other locals. Festivals are a cheap, easy way to spend time with the one you love, learn about new people and things and even make new friends!

You can collect anything from coins to ceramic cakes!
You can collect anything from coins to ceramic cakes! | Source

Start up a collection.

Maybe you’ll settle on something tried and true like stamps or ceramic cats, or maybe you’ll covet a rarer collection like art from a specific painter, antiques from a retired line or kitschy vintage magazine ads. Whatever floats your boat, starting a collection is a great way to spend time with your significant other inside and outside the house. You can set aside a certain time every week to scour the local pawn, card and thrift shops for a new item to add to your growing treasure trove and even researching future collectibles can turn into a great couple’s activity.

Become experts on a subject.

Pick a topic, learn as much as you can, gain practical experience where necessary, and share your knowledge! You don’t have to be academics to become well-known for knowledge in a certain field. If you share a passion for foreign politics, start a blog covering recent policy changes and events in other countries. If you both work in a field like psychology or public service, consider writing a book to share your combined knowledge and experience over the years. Or, if your area of expertise is a smooth and happy relationship, start an online advice column and help new couples navigate the uncharted waters of love! The options are limited only by what you know already or are willing to learn.


Hopefully these ideas have sparked a few of your own. Spending time as a couple is the only thing about date night that should be routine. Don’t fall into a rut, use the time you spend with your partner to better yourself and your relationship!


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