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Unique Marriage Proposals on a Shoestring Budget

Updated on October 4, 2012
Proposing Marriage to That Special Woman in a Special Way...
Proposing Marriage to That Special Woman in a Special Way...

Being Unique without Breaking the Bank

When it's time to "pop the big Question" you want to be creative, thoughtful and unique. You want her to be excited, surprised and left thinking you are the sweetest romantic alive. This can be done without breaking the bank. A little planning and you can make that moment one to remember. I'm going to give you a few examples to get the creative juices flowing, but you should use them as just that...examples. I'm not saying you can't use them exactly as described, but not if she follows your Hubpages activity closely... ;)

Proposal #1 : The Cookbook

This proposal will only work if you already have a habit of cooking for her or have said to her that you want to. Find a cookbook that you don't mind destroying, possibly from a yard-sale,, or local bookstore. It should be a fairly thin cookbook of about an inch and a half to two inches thick. Next, decide on the dinner you are going to prepare. It doesn't need to be, and probably shouldn't be, from the cookbook you will be using for the proposal. Open the cookbook to the middle and, using a razor blade or x-acto knife, cut a hole in the pages big enough for the ring to sit inside with little "wiggle" room. Be sure to leave at least the first and last 10-15 pages intact. Place the engagement ring into the compartment you've just created. Close the book and place in on the counter or table, making sure it is out of your reach. Start preparing the meal and ask your soon to be fiancée to open the cookbook to a page in the range of the cut pages because you need to check a measurement of one of the sure to have "dirty" hands at this point to make it look less obvious. When she opens the cookbook...get down on one knee and do your thing.

Proposal #2 : The Package

Neither wind, nor rain, nor dead of night...shall keep her from saying yes to this proposal. This proposal really only works if you are already sharing the same address. Get a small padded envelope and a sheet of labels for your printer. Print out a fake address and business name on one label and her name and address on another. Place the labels in the appropriate places on the envelope and place the ring inside. DO NOT mail the risky. Instead, take the envelope to the post office and ask them to place the correct postage AND to "cancel" it for you. Explain the scenario to them if needed. When you get the mail from the mailbox make sure you bring this "package" as well. Hand her the envelope. When she opens it and sees the ring...get down on one knee and do your thing.

Proposal #3 : YouTube

All the world is a stage...or at least the Internet is. Make a video proposal and post it to Youtube. Take your time and make it special. Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. Start the video with "your" song if you have one...if not pick a love song you know she'll like. Set it up with the lyrics on the screen and/or pictures from a vacation you took together or something equally romantic. About halfway into the song cut to your video proposal. After the video is finished and posted on YouTube, call her over to see the video you made just for her. When the proposal part comes up...get down on one knee and do your thing.

...And she said "YES"

If you use any of these ideas or if they spark your creativity to create your own unique proposal, please let me know. Come back and share your experience in the comments section. Good luck and save me a piece of wedding cake.

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