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Unique Themed Weddings: Goth, or Gothic, Weddings

Updated on October 28, 2008

When it comes to unique themed weddings, Goth, or Gothic, themed weddings are among the most unique. Whether or not you're a true Goth, you may want to have a Gothic themed wedding, or incorporate some elements of a the dramitic elements of a gothic wedding ceremony.

Goth vs. Gothic

The Goth movement grew out of the punk rock scence movement of the 1980s and holds as one of it's main tenets the idea of rejection of mainstream belief and values. Think of modern day hippies with a totally different fashion aesthetic. Goths see themselves as free thinkers, and often are associated with taboo subjects like magic, mysticism and the occult. To them, a gothic themed wedding ceremony represents a rejection of traditional wedding practices. Goths might even reject the traditional marriage relationship and so want a different type of wedding.

There are also those brides and grooms who while living a fairly conventional lifestyle, are simply drawn to the drama and style of a Gothic style wedding, which often incorporates elements of mysticism and ancient practices, darker color schemes, and dramatic feel. A gothic themed wedding can be an affirmation of a life philosophy, an homage to Victorian literature, or simply a dramatic and creative look.

Typical Elements of a Gothic Themed Wedding

Because they are so unique, the elements of Gothic themed weddings will vary greatly, but there are some common ways to create the look and feel.

Color - Gothic wedding ceremonies are characterized by a darker color scheme. Plan for black red, or purple wedding attire and accessories, including flowers. For a toned down look, opt for rich jewel tones of ruby red, navy and emerald green with black accents.

Candles - You can never have too many candles. Think of a dark castle on a heath during a storm in a horror movie. That's the ambiance you want to create.

Music - Gothic themed weddings are not likely to include the wedding march or traditional hymms. A haunting and melodic classical overture would be perfect. Of course some couples will opt for a more aggressive goth rock sound.

Location - You can wear a red and black velvet gown and matching bride and groom eyeliner, but a gothic themed wedding at the Embassy Suites might not feel right. Try to find an older location or at least on with an older feel to invoke a sense of drama. Look for velvet chairs and heavy draperies, stone fireplaces, arches and oak paneling. Wherever the ceremony, ask whether or not you can add your own gothic touches to enhance the atmosphere.

Wedding Gowns - While there are a lot of websites selling gothic style gowns, depending on your taste and budget, you may want to shop for patterns and fabric, and then have a local seamtress sew a custom gown just for you. Goth or not, a bride needs to feel beautiful on her wedding day.

Accessories - You might think you're on your own when it comes to the supplies for a gothic themed wedding. Wrong! There are plenty of stores that sell everything from black wedding invitations to crow wedding cake toppers. There's no excuse not to have the wedding of your gothic dreams!

Goth/Gothic Themed Wedding Resources: - All the supplies you need.

Offbeat Bride - Great blog on all kinds of alternative wedding themes.

Gothic Wedding Dresses - Choose from morbid black, death white, and bloody red.

Gothic Wedding Cake Toppers - Too cute black crows.

Vegas Goth - For your quickie gothic wedding, get a package deal in Vegas!

IMGoth - For those who still need to find that special Goth someone...


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  • profile image

    denver wedding reception sites  7 years ago

    I'm dreaming to have a Gothic themed wedding. This idea is really unique because unlike traditional wedding, usually brides wore white dress and the groom wore tuxedo. I want something new if ever I'll get married. I want my wedding dress to look like a classical goth dress (has black corset) and my shoes is black boots. My wedding songs should not be usual. I want a rock wedding song (Paramore, Bon Jovi, and Story of the Year song). And for the groom. I don't have any idea yet.

  • profile image

    weddinglanterns 8 years ago

    Hi, the Gothic theme is certainly an odd one. I recently wrote a post on gothic weddings- find it at it seems so strange to me that peple would want to use their wedding day as a vehicle for playing dress up..still, each to their own.

  • 1weddingsource profile image

    1weddingsource 8 years ago from Georgia

    If you search on the net, you can see different themes that modern bride and groom has adopted for their wedding. They are kinda unique as this one. Well this is a free country and any couple can have a wedding theme of their own for as long as they are comfortable with what they are doing. Many wedding planners would be challenged by this new evolution of wedding themes. This is something to look forward to.

  • profile image

    Chris Lopez 8 years ago

    every wedding is unquie in its own way.

    I luv it when her brides expresses her true self.

    Great Hub..

  • profile image

    Single Goths 9 years ago

    Would love to see more images or videos of gothic themed weddings, great hub!!!

  • profile image

    wedding photographer gold coast 9 years ago

    We have had some really unique weddings on the Gold Coast that we have photographed, wish I could post them with your great hub.

  • britneydavidson profile image

    britneydavidson 9 years ago from united kingdom

    Great hub really. Wedding masterpiece I would keep it as!

  • MasonsMom profile image

    MasonsMom 9 years ago from U.S.A.

    Not for me, but to each his own!

  • starrkissed profile image

    starrkissed 9 years ago from Arizona

    Great hub! Very interesting. :D

  • childcen profile image

    childcen 9 years ago from New Zealand

    I have to admit that this is really unique. I never really had any theme that was memorable during my wedding years back. But this is really something different!