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Unique Weddings

Updated on December 9, 2014

Your wedding is your special day, how will you plan it? Will you have a traditional one or will you opt to be different? There are so many ways to celebrate your wedding day, the possibilities are endless. Your imagination is the only thing that limits your possibilities. Well, then again maybe your money situation.

Let’s talk about the different types of weddings that can be planned. First you can plan a traditional wedding this can be a wonderful and rewarding type of wedding if this is what you have dreamed of your entire life.

The traditional wedding is typically carried out in a church with all of the traditional things, like bride’s maids, groomsmen, ring bearer, and so forth. You know how the traditional wedding works; we are all familiar with them.

Have you given thought to elopement? You can elope and still have a traditional wedding. How you ask? An elopement does not have to be impromptu it can be planned. This is what some call a destination wedding. This can be done just about anywhere that the bride and groom choose. Did you know that you can get married in Walt Disney World? They have a very nice chapel there with many amenities. Of course, we must consider the cost.

People have planned destination weddings to beaches, mountains, museums, parks; you name it the sky is the limits. If you dream it you can do it, for a fee of course. However, for most of us money is an issue. We need to stay within a budget.

Here is a list of the types of weddings that can be planned; these are by no means the only ones.

  • Destination Weddings

  • Themed Weddings

  • Adventure Weddings

  • Surprise Wedding

  • Elopements

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are gaining popularity these days. Why would you plan a destination wedding?

  • Do you like the idea of eloping but want to make your wedding more inclusive?

  • Are you interested in having your friends and family near you when you get married?

  • Are you a flexible person? If you are flexible and don’t need to be in control of every little detail then a destination wedding may be for you.

  • Do you like to travel?

  • Do you need a neutral ground for your wedding location? If so, then a destination wedding may be just what you need.

  • Do you have a lot of family and friends that will have to travel anyway?

  • You want your guest to have a good time

  • You want to save money, destination weddings can be money saving if done correctly

  • Are you okay with dealing with long distance vendors?

  • You want to make your wedding a memorable experience not only for you but for your guests also.

  • If you are interested in combining your wedding with your honeymoon.

These are just a few of the reasons to choose a destination wedding. A destination wedding must be planned ahead of time, just as you would a traditional wedding, but in the end it can be fun and rewarding for the entire family.

Themed Weddings

Themed wedding are for the playful and not so serious brides and grooms. These are a wonderful and unique non-traditional wedding that can be planned quickly if needed or planned out for months.

The themed wedding appeals to those who are looking for an original and creative wedding. A themed wedding can be outrageous or typical the options are limitless to those with a bit of imagination.

Why would you want to plan a themed wedding?

  • You want to be surrounded by friends and family on your wedding day

  • You want your guest to have a great time at your wedding

  • You are creative and flexible

  • You are not interested in a great deal of planning and stress

  • You don’t want the traditional wedding hassles

  • You like casual

  • You want to save money

  • Your guests are up for just about anything.

Here’s a list of theme ideas

  • Holiday themes

  • Tropical

  • Murder mystery

  • Patriotic

  • Disney World

  • Asian

  • Wild West

  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Mardi Gras

  • 80’s

  • Casino Night

  • Greek (togas)

  • Back yard barbeque

  • Wine tasting

  • Renaissance

  • Sports

The ideas go on and on, with the only limit your imagination.

Adventure Weddings

Are you and your spouse to be adventurous? Are you looking to have some adventure in your wedding? Then the adventure wedding is for you. The adventure wedding is not for the faint of heart, and is far from the traditional wedding. The adventure wedding is becoming increasingly popular.

Who would enjoy the adventure wedding?

  • People who are not afraid to take risks.

  • People who love the outdoors

  • People who enjoy setting new trends

  • This is for those that are seeking an extraordinary experience

  • You don’t need to be in control of every detail

  • You like excitement

  • Are you a person that has a lot of hobbies?

  • Do you want a wedding that is connected to your hobbies?

  • Are you seeking a destination wedding with a twist?

  • Looking to save money

Here is a list of some adventures that you can embark on

  • Backpacking

  • Ballooning

  • Bungee jumping

  • Camping

  • Canoeing

  • Caving

  • Cycling

  • Dog sledding

  • Skiing

  • Exotic travel

  • Fishing

  • Hiking

  • Paintball

  • Rock climbing

  • Scuba diving

  • Underwater sports

  • NASCAR racing

  • Mountain climbing

  • Whitewater rafting

The ideas are endless and depend on you. What you are interested in and what you want your wedding to be.

Surprise Wedding

The surprise wedding is for those couples who want to surprise their friend and family. Invite your friends to a cookout ask them to bring a dish and when everyone arrives make the announcement! This is an inexpensive way to plan a wedding and it is a great surprise for everyone.

This is a no hassle, family oriented, wedding option. Why would you plan a surprise wedding?

  • You want to surprise your friends or family

  • You want to be surrounded by friends and family

  • You want a traditional wedding without the hassle of the traditional wedding

  • You like to be relaxed and enjoy

  • Saves money

  • You are in control of your wedding day

  • Minimal planning and stress

  • Can be pulled off quickly

  • You can keep it a secret


Some people choose to elope and there is nothing wrong with that. However, keep in mind that you may make your friends and family angry. They will want to be a part of your wedding day and may feel cheated if they are left out. So be prepared for the aftermath of an elopement.

Why would you plan to elope?

  • You want to get married alone

  • You want to control your wedding day

  • You want your wedding day to be relaxed and private

  • You want to avoid opinions of friends and family

  • You want to get married right away

  • Minimal planning and stress

  • Inexpensive

  • Money saving

  • Can keep it a secret


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    • velzipmur profile image

      Shelly Wyatt 3 years ago from Maryland

      savvydating yes,weddings should be fun and reflect the personality of the couple. Thanks for stopping by reading and commenting.

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 3 years ago

      What a fun, interesting hub. My guess is that when we think about weddings, we tend not to think outside the box. I really like how you've listed the personality traits that are pretty much required if a couple is going to have an "unusual" wedding (or elopment). I like the idea of a destination wedding, and it can be kept at a resonable price if one chooses to fly to the nearest state or two. That way, even the poor relatives might be able to attend. Very nicely written article!