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Unprotected sex is a death sentence

Updated on June 18, 2013

Why are single people not using protection

Education on HIV and STD's have come to a rising halt. The problem with no more education is that more people are being diagnosed with HIV and Std's more now then ever. These things should be decreasing not increasing. Florida is ranked third in the nation not US for having the most number of HIV cases and second in the nation for pediatric HIV cases.

1 in 4 adults are carrying an std of some kind. 1 in 7 are HIV positive. I do not understand for the life of me why single or even married people who cheat do not use protection. In a study done in the US single females have as many as six partners and do not use protection.

People with HIV do not look sick anymore due to good drugs keeping them alive. Why would you want to risk contracting this horrible disease that is basically a death sentence? Why would you want an STD such as herpes that is not curable? The biggest group of people with HIV are young people from 15 to 25 and yes older people from 50 to 75. Older single people are having unprotected sex just as much as young people.

It seems to me that these diseases have become an unforgotten plague, but are running rampid in every state in this country. You should know your status and get tested if you are having unprotected sex. Why would you want to get it or give it to someone else?

Since schools are not allowed to teach sex education anymore, is it fair that they shouldnt teach young people about the devastation that these things cause? Why are people so relaxed about sex that they dont care if they get these things?

People get tested, know your status and for God sake quit having unprotected sex if you are single. I work in healthcare and get tested because I deal with so much body fluids. It's scary out there. No one deserves to contract HIV because of ignorance or not caring about the reprecussions of unprotected sex.

Respect yourself enough to protect yourself.


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    • Hearts and Lattes profile image

      Hearts and Lattes 4 years ago

      This is so true. I have often wondered to myself why so many people are ignoring the facts about rampant rates of STDs and not using protection or not practicing monogamy.

      Part of it must be pop culture, and how "hook-ups", cheating, and "friends with benefits" situations are presented as being part of the norm.

      I think the only thing that stopped the free love movement of the 70s was the increasing rates of STDs like syphilis and gonnorhea, which eventually gave way to a real belt-tightening in the early 80s with HIV and AIDS.

      Now these diseases are so common that people are ignoring them again. And I can't believe how prevalent herpes has also become.

      A few minutes of intimacy is not worth a life sentence. Great hub!

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