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Use Pheromones to attract a sexual partner

Updated on December 16, 2014

What is a pheromone?

A Pheromone is a chemical that triggers a natural behavorial response in another member of the same species.

A little FYI

The name pheromone comes from two Greek words pheran (to transfer) and horman (to excite).

In humans, pheromones are present at puberty. Both men & women produce different amounts of Male pheromones ( androstenone & androstenol. ) Only women produce the Female pheromone ( copulins.) Pheromones are produced by the apocrine glands in the armpit & around the genitals. Pheromones trigger signals that are picked up by the vemeronasal organ ( just inside the nose. ) The vemeronasal sends these triggers on to the limbic part of the brain which controls the most basic human sensations, like love, hate, joy, anger & sexual arousal.

We are not consciously aware of one anothers pheromones. Meaning we can not smell them, however, they do have a huge impact on us. They ignite the sex drive & increase fertility. Although well known for increasing sexual appeal & desires, many users of Pheromones have reported that when socializing people would pay more attention to them when they spoke and were much friendlier than normal. Women who used Pheromones also reported that they helped to regulate their menstrual cycles.

You can buy Pheromones scented or un-scented. The un-scented kinds you can actually mix with your cologne or perfume or just use by themselves. If you want instant attraction you will want to apply the Pheromones directly to your skin since your body heat will evaporate them. Although this method will work quickly, it may go away just as quick since sweating can cause them to break down & disappear. If you want a not to subtle response, spray the Pheromones on your clothing. This method takes longer to start working but will last a lot longer than direct skin contact. If you're daring enough you can use both methods at the same time, no harm done.

Expect what you pay for. When you buy most items you know that the generic brand is not gonna satisfy you like the name brands, Pheromones are no different. If you're going to put the effort into getting sexual attraction from a chemical, you might as well put the money into it as well.

Some highly thought of Pheromones:

Pherlure Cologne , Athena Pheromones , Pherx , & Primal instinct. You can purchase Pheromones from most novelty adult stores, adult toy parties ( ( & of course you can order them online.

Have fun experimenting!


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    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Yeah I'm new to pheromones as well. You have a great page, well explained. Enjoyed reading it.

    • Rudra profile image


      10 years ago

      this is an interesting discovery for me, didnt know about it.


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