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Updated on January 17, 2010

Valentine and stress of gift selection


Many teens and young adults get themselves stressed up all in the name of celebrating valentine. The reason for this is not farfetched- they misunderstand the true meaning of valentine and stress themselves to the extreme just to make valentine what they want it to be.

There is this believe amongst teens that the more expensive the gift is, the better it is for valentine. But, that is wrong you know?

Am not here to tell you the meaning and origin of valentine, my aim in this article is to give you tips that can help alleviate valentine stress. Apart form valentine stress that comes from unnecessary heartache and infatuation (which again is not what I intend to discuss here) that many people experience during valentine, Most of the stress that come during valentine are associated with; selecting the right kind of gift for the right kind of person and selecting a suitable place to spend the valentine.

In this article are some items that will make fantastic gift for this valentine. And they are reviewed below for you to make the right choice. You will save yourself a lot of stress by buying any of these gifts listed below


Mood pendant with necklace


Mood pendant with necklace is a lovely gift that one can give to a loved one during this valentine season. It is weather friendly and can be worn in any kind of weather. It changes colour with your mood just as the name implies. When it is purple, it means that the person wearing it is in love, when it is blue, the bearer is relaxed and at ease, red means that the person wearing it is unsettled. You can use this mood pendant to monitor the mood of your spouse.

Ladies love pendants and will appreciate it when it is given to them on valentine day.

Rosswood jewelry box

 Rosswood jewelry box is an inexpensive jewelry box that you can buy for your girlfriend or your wife and be rest assured that you have made the valentine a memorable one. It the traditional gift for respectable ladies.

Japanese design electric paper lantern

 Japanese design electric paper lantern will make a perfect gift this valentine season, the reason being that it will help keep the room warm and fresh. You don’t need to have an additional heater on in your room to keep warm. And it does not consume much electricity and this is in line with the green environment that we are all clamouring for.


Shanny is a make up toolkit that contains; mascara, lip-gloss, eye-shadow, blushers and many other beauty tools that will definitely bring out the beauty of every woman. You know that looking good is good business. And you have lesser temptation to look outside when your woman is looking great.

Split heart keychain

Split heart keychain is on the list of the hottest fashion trend that every woman will want to wear this valentine. Surprise your woman this valentine by adding this gift to your shopping basket. It does not react to the body chemistry. It can be worn with any kind of outfit.

Its game time

Its game time: Everybody likes game and would want to have the best game in town as a gift from loved ones on valentine day. This is a must have item in your valentine hamper; kids, teens and adults will be happy having this from you as a valentine gift.

The Blockbuster Night Movie gift basket

 This is a kind of hamper that contains all sorts of processed food that families can use to sustain themselves while seeing a valentine movies. Blockbuster Night Movie gift basket is made up of Cracker Jacks; 2 buttery microwave popcorn; Snyder's pretzels; Oreo cookies; Mini Chips A Hoy cookies; Reese's; Peanut M & M's; Plain M & M's; 2 pkg Planters Peanuts; Skittles; Tootsie Rolls box; yahtzee; Uno; checkers hand held travel size activity game; Red gift box

Anklet Bracelet

 it looks really good when you wear an anklet bracelet. It is one of the major trends in fashion today and will make a great gift for velentine

70% pashmina 30% silk

Oh! I can't wait to see my lady put on this 70% pashmina 30% silk on that valentine eve for our outing. I have already bought this one for her but, i have not yet given it to her. I will do so on the eve of valentine so that she will appreciate me the more.

 Before you jump to your payment card for shopping, hear this my last word of advice; Remember that your body has no duplicate, always be faithful to one partner. Happy valentine


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