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5 Gift Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Updated on February 15, 2014

Being in a long-distance relationship isn't easy, but it's worth it for the right person. It can be especially difficult to be separated for holidays, but if you make the best of it, there are lots of ways to celebrate even when you can't be together. Read on for 5 unique gift ideas for your long-distance love.

1. Date in a Box

If you can't be physically together, a webcam date is the next best thing. Send your partner a box of everything they need for a romantic evening with you! It's easy to theme the items around your partner's interests.

Some ideas:

Movie Night: Send popcorn, candy, drinks, and a movie (or gift them a Netflix subscription). Start the movie at the same time over webcam and enjoy watching together while you munch on your favorite snacks!

Romantic Dinner: Include a gift card for their favorite restaurant so they can pick up an order to-go. Fill the box with candles and a custom CD of romantic or meaningful music to set the mood. You can even send dessert! Get on webcam and you can share a romantic dinner even when you're apart.

Spa/Relaxation: Book an appointment earlier in the day for your love to be pampered -- consider purchasing a massage, manicure/pedicure, or skin treatment -- whatever makes them relaxed! In your box, include things to continue the relaxation to a soothing bubble bath. Choose bath bombs or salts, bubbles, luxurious soaps or shampoos, lotions, or anything else you can imagine. Include your partner's favorite chocolate or candy.

Intimate: While not for everyone, an intimate evening over webcam is a great way to have fun and feel close to your partner. Send toys, lubricant, lingerie, and other accessories for your love to enjoy. Turn on your webcams and have a sexy conversation or take video requests to drive your partner wild!

Trine 2: a beautiful multiplayer game that's simple and fun to play.
Trine 2: a beautiful multiplayer game that's simple and fun to play.

2. Play a video game together

This would be a perfect gift if you don't usually play games together but your partner loves them. However, it's great even if you're both a fan of video games! There are many multiplayer games to choose from at different price points -- you can even find free games. Steam is a great application for purchasing games; you can buy a game for yourself and then send it as a gift to your partner so you can play together. Decide ahead of time whether you want to compete or work as a team!

Here are some great multiplayer game ideas:

Portal 2: Puzzle-based, co-op game

Trine 2: Medieval themed adventure/sidescroller game

Left 4 Dead 2: Zombie first person shooter

Team Fortress 2: Free, team-based first person shooter

Multiplayer games for iDevices

List of MMORPGs

Chocolate covered strawberries are a perfect gift!
Chocolate covered strawberries are a perfect gift!

3. Have a gift delivered

Although this also works for couples who aren't long-distance, using a delivery service is an easy way to send your partner some love (even last-minute).



Chocolate covered strawberries or fruit from Edible Arrangements

Cookies (; many cities have independent businesses as well)

Gift baskets (

Dinner from a favorite delivery service

4. Mail thoughtful gifts

Most gifts that can be given in person can also be mailed -- just be careful with fragile or expensive items. Sending a gift that's been on your partner's wishlist or a gift you know your partner would love is simple but sweet.

If your love is the type that "has everything," consider making a personalized, homemade gift. Try buying a mini dictionary and highlighting all the (positive) words that describe them. Make a scrapbook of the two of you. If you're artistic, paint or draw a picture, and if you're musical, write a song for them. Although you won't be there in person to give the gift, your thoughtfulness will shine through.

Additionally, you can send little things to remind them of you. Mailing a piece of clothing or blanket spritzed with your cologne/perfume can be a comforting reminder. Jewelry is overused, but a meaningful piece is a great way for them to keep you in their thoughts.

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5. A Visit

Arguably the best gift you can give in a long-distance relationship is time together in person. It's likely you wouldn't be reading this article if a visit was possible, but it could be an incredible surprise (just make sure they aren't planning the same thing!).

If an immediate visit isn't possible because of a work or family conflict, consider surprising your love with the promise of a future visit. To take it a step further, plan a special vacation for the two of you for a future date. It's cheesy but true that nothing is better than spending time together!

While it's true that Valentine's Day is an overly commercialized holiday, it's a great opportunity to show your partner how much you care. These ideas can be used any day of the year to surprise your love -- get creative and use every chance you have to appreciate them!


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