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Valentine’s Day - Gifts She’ll Love

Updated on December 1, 2011

A little effort goes a long way. A little proof that you pay attention and remember will mean the world to her. Put together a little gift box or basket of things she’s sure to love.

You can pick up a decorative box or basket anyplace from Home Goods to AC Moore to Walmart. Fill it with things that have meaning.

Here are a few ideas –

Start with something to anchor it. Are you guys martini drinkers? Pick up a bottle of vodka and a jar of gourmet cocktail olives. Pick up 4 martini glasses at Target or an antique shop.

If she’s a wine drinker, a nice bottle of wine and 4 wine stems. If she’s working hard on a diet, try a go-green re-useable water bottle and 4 large tumblers. Or you could get a pound of her favorite coffee or a box of her favorite tea, and four mugs.  Anything will work, as long as it’s something she’ll appreciate.

Now for the romance - Fill each glass with something special. Pick four different things, that show how much you pay attention.

A candy or snack would be great in one glass. Maybe you know she loves Red Hot candies or Jelly Bellies. Yogurt covered raisins would be a good choice if you know they’re on her dietplan. Orange Tic Tacs would be adorable because you know she loves the movie Juno. Wasabi peas because you had those on your first date. Put just a little bit of thought into this, and you’ll really impress her.

Fill another glass with something fun. Does she wear ponytails? A little thing of new snazzy hair bands shows you notice. Or how about a Daffy Duck keychain, because she’s told you how much she loved Daffy as a kid.

Fill another glass with something sexy. Bath beads.  A small bottle of edible massage oil. KY Yours + Mine Warming Lubricant. The thing here guys, is it has to be something you know she’d want. Do not pick something that says – “Try this, because I want to.” Remember a gift is supposed to be for the recipient, not for the giver. If she’s not a sexually secure person, do not give her something that’s going to make her uncomfortable for Valentine’s Day.

In the fourth glass, a piece of jewelry would be nice. It doesn’t have to be good jewelry. A fun bangle bracelet from a local boutique or even Fashion Bug may cost anywhere from $5 to $25. Check out her jewelry box before you shop. Get an idea of sizes, widths, shapes, and colors of pieces she wears.

You can keep adding to the gift box depending on the amount of time you have and the amount of money you can spend. You’d be surprised at how inexpensively you can put together a kick-ass Valentine’s Day basket for your lady, if you just spend some time thinking.

Here’s some more examples of items you could add:

A $5 gift card to the place she goes for coffee in the morning.
A pair of mittens because your dog ate hers last month, or because she’s always complaining about her hands being cold.
A cute refrigerator magnet from a place you’ve been together, or a place you talk about going.
 A seashell you picked up when you were on vacation together.
A baby picture of you. Yep, seriously. She’ll love it. Call your mother, she’ll have one you can give.
A box of pens because you’re always stealing her pens.
A DVD of a movie you saw together when you were dating, or the CD of a concert you saw together when you first met.

The things themselves aren’t nearly as important as the sentiment. As she’s opening, let her know exactly why you added something. The fact that you remembered is the real gift.

Really on a budget this year? Not a problem. Make her little gift certificates. These should not be for things you already do like change the oil in her car. These should be for fun things that you can do for her, for free:

“Good for one breakfast in bed”
“Good for one candlelight massage”
“Get Out Of Jail Free Card– This entitles you to call in sick to one of my family’s get-togethers this year.”
“The bearer of this certificate is hearby allowed to throw out any three piecea of my clothing that they hate.”

Here’s another basket theme: Recreate a Moment.

Especially effective if you’ve been married a while, re-kindle the memory one of your first or best dates with momentos in a basket.

For example, maybe on one of your first dates you went ice skating at Bear Mountain. You drank hot chocolate and rink was playing The Rolling Stones. Somehow she managed to lose her scarf. You took her home and it started to snow. You spent the night for the first time. You had Co-Co Puffs for breakfast.

In your basket, you could get an old Bear Mountain post card from Ebay, a charm bracelet charm of a pair of ice skates. A jar of gourmet hot chocolate and 2 mugs. A new scarf. A box of CoCo Puffs. A card with snowflakes on it. If you have a photo from that night, frame it. 

2 Words to the Wise

Never pick out anything that will come across as critical. Remember I mentioned yogurt covered raisins or a water bottle because you know it’s part of her diet plan? Well respecting a diet plan is healthy and supportive. Suggesting one is not.

A piece of work-out equipment, a Weight Watcher’s membership, a gift certificate to a local gym – these are not good Valentine’s Day gifts. They don’t say something loving and romantic. They say something critical and negative.

Even if her health is a concern of yours, don’t go there on Valentine’s Day.

A gym membership is an obvious criticism. Buying a sexy Valentine’s Day teddy or negligee in the wrong size isn’t as obvious but can be just as bad. If she’s a size 8 and you buy a 6, she’s going to feel that’s a hint that you think she’s too big. Alternatively if you buy a 10, she’s going to think you see her that big. This is a no win. It may not make sense, but trust me. Buying her the wrong size is like handing her a bottle of Scope.
Enlisting the help of another woman to help you pick out things for your wife can be tricky. A Valentine’s Day gift is supposed to be personal and romantic. It’s probably not appropriate for you to look at sexy nighties, massage oils or even romantic music with another woman. Some women are very secure and comfortable, but many aren’t. This is not the time to test the water. Your sister is safe. Almost no one else is.

This Hub

was written by Veronica for Hubpages. If you are reading it elsewhere, it has been stolen. All text is original content by Veronica. All photos are used with permission. All videos are courtesy of Youtube.


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  • Veronica profile image

    Veronica 8 years ago from NY

    Thanks Ladybird33! Checking yours out now as well.

  • Ladybird33 profile image

    Ladybird33 8 years ago from Fabulous USA

    you are sooo right and now I have to follow your hub to my hubby :0) Thanks so much.