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WAYS to make a man happy in Bed - Not Difficult at ALL!!

Updated on April 21, 2012

So I kept stumbling on all of these "advice about men" articles, and, once again, I was blown away by how flipping stupid much of the advise was. You would think that WHATEVER wrote them would at least contact a male human and ask them what they wanted. For giggles I would like to list a few of these....some are from a Cosmo article...the others I found by doing a Google search for "how to make your man happy... in bed."

  • Have YOURS as quickly as possible- Hmmm...if women are really able to just have one at will then this is perhaps the biggest fraud ever committed!!
  • Buy some sexy lingerie and wear it like it was made for you- The only men that really like lingerie have a fetish for it...seriously....the only lingerie I like is in a pile on the floor.
  • Ask him about his fantasies and perhaps act them out - You better be REAL sure you are ready for the answer if you ask that question!

Well, with advice like that out there it is no wonder that women seem to have a hard time knowing what they are supposed to do. Luckily, men are REALLY easy to please, you just have to not over think it!

You must WANT to be there with HIM!!

Wow, big surprise here right. If you have ever been UNLUCKY enough to have been intimate with someone who did not really seem like they wanted to be there, then you know what I am talking about. Whether it was out of pity, because their first (or even 5th) choice was not available or maybe they were just going through the motions to make you happy, this is about the worst feeling on earth. Many of us have been there, as hard as it is to admit...and WOW does it suck! This is bad enough when it is more of a "casual" relationship, when it is in a committed relationship it is just flat out depressing.

Not that it is only women that do this, but since men are pretty much geared for sex anytime, anyplace, it is much more likely that the one that is turning down the sex or just "dead-fishing" their way through it will be the woman. The single most important thing that a woman can do to keep a man happy in bed is to WANT to be there with him. This means being into it...and trust me, when you ACT like you are into it, you will really start to be into it. This is something I learned when I was taking some medication that just killed my sex drive. Even if you don't think you want to have sex, once you start messing around a little you will be astounded at how fast hormones and biology take over. After all, sex is sort of like pizza, even when it is bad, it is still pretty good.

YOU need to think you are sexy!

There is NOTHING that is hotter than a woman that knows she is sexy. Ladies, the VAST majority of you drastically underestimate how attractive you are. I guarantee that no matter how many things you think are wrong with you or how much you want to change, that there is SOMETHING that your man will find sexy. Confidence is sexy as hell. To that end, if you have it, flaunt it, undress in front of him, walk around naked, dress in sexy manner more often (doesn't need to be slutty, just sexy, Audrey Hepburn was sexy and classy.)

If you do not think you are sexy, if there is something about yourself that you want to improve, then single out where you want to start and get to work on it. Usually it is something related to your weight or toning something up. As you get closer to your goal you will find that your self-confidence will increase and that is the sexiest thing that a woman can have, confidence!


I am not sure if maybe some where there is some rule book as to what women are supposed to do and what they are not when it comes to being intimate. If there is such a book I am pretty sure that the NUMBER one item MUST be that women MUST NOT initiate anything other than kissing. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! WOMEN, listen to me, you NEED to initiate things at least every now and then. The unspoken conversation that is going on here is that if the guy is ALWAYS the one that is initiating, he will start to think that you are not really that attracted to him, you are just being intimate because the guy wants it, sort of like it is a chore. This is not good and will lead to less...which will lead to a degradation in the overall intimacy level and will damage your relationship and probably the self-image of BOTH people!


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    • TheSituation profile image

      TheSituation 5 years ago

      Hi Nat,

      Are there body issues with either yourself or your husband? I actually went through a period where I was not interested in sex for the most part and it was because I had gained a good amount of weight, it was a body image issue with myself though it may have seemed to my partner like I was not interested in her.

    • profile image

      Nat 5 years ago

      Hey I like your rules my husband has crushed my confidence to zero he always tells me im boring. I always have to start and finish 90% of the time I have to work it really hard nearly every nite. Some times I ask him do u like this Or that should I do this ....???? He say u should no what to do why do I have to tell you !!!!! Help me I'm at the point of throwing in the towel and just plain old give up

      I love him honestly I won't find a guy like him but I'm emotionally over it help me and I've done evey thing I can

    • TheSituation profile image

      TheSituation 5 years ago

      Thanks a ton! I hope that this helps some people :)

    • Leaderofmany profile image

      Leaderofmany 5 years ago from Back Home in Indiana

      Great perspective, they really must want to be with you to have a true relationship. Good hub