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Updated on August 4, 2017


Out on the Gondola for our       10th Wedding Anniversary
Out on the Gondola for our 10th Wedding Anniversary
Richard and Pam out for dinner celebrating 15th Wedding Anniversary
Richard and Pam out for dinner celebrating 15th Wedding Anniversary
We have made it to 19 years and they said it wouldn't last, We showed everyone. Didn't we
We have made it to 19 years and they said it wouldn't last, We showed everyone. Didn't we


I had given up any thought of every finding someone special ever again and settling down to married life once more. I was still getting over my divorce and the thought of marrying again was not in my vision as yet.  Then one day, I was invited to go out with a friend, who was worried about me staying at home all the time and not getting out and meeting people again. Anyway,this time I relented and agreed to go out with her and I was glad that I had in the end. We were having a drink at this bar after we had been to see a movie, when I saw a guy on the other side of the room with the most beautiful blue eyes that seemed to be twinkling at me. He started to come towards me and suddenly I was drawn to him. My first thought was to turn and run but my friend was saying go for it girl, so I did. As he approached nearer I noticed how handsome he was, and that he had a kind face. I could feel my heart racing at a million miles an hour. I had never had this reaction before and it was a bit scary at first to me. We started talking and very soon I was feeling more comfortable with him, so much so that I agreed to have a dance with him. We talked about such things like our jobs, things we like to do and a few other things of interest. We made arrangements to meet for coffee a couple of days later but unfortunately I ended up sick in hospital and I even forget about Richard because we didn' see each other again for some time our first meeting.

The next time we met up was quite unexpected. Richard had rung home and found out that I was in the Hospital. When he came to visit, I had just been to theatre and I was very groggy. When he entered my room, I looked at him, but could not remember. Then the penny dropped, he stayed for a while and we chatter. He stayed for 2 hrs and had the nursing staff thinking that he was a new Doctor. I did let them know the truth eventually though.


I was having trouble with my health so much, with repeated admissions to hospital, that I was starting to run out of money very quickly. I could not even afford to keep my medical insurance going which was something I really should have had. My family had to chip in just to help out with food and paying bills. Ironically, Richard was in the process of purchasing a unit.He offered me accommodation in his spare room and the idea was that I didn't pay any rent until I got back on my feet. To cut a long story short I never did have to pay him back, instead we fell in love and I moved in permanently. Life together was wonderful and after we had been there several months, we decided to make it official.


The year was 1988, and it was the year of Expo. A very exciting time for everyone, with lots of exhibits to see. The venue was "Kooaburra Queen Paddle Steamer", which was so romantic. Richard had made the reservation and had included something that I was not aware of until the last minute. As we sat down at our table, there was a drumroll, and the announcer said there was a couple announcing their engagement tonight, so lets give them a round of applause. I said to Richard, this is so romantic, someone else is getting engaged like us. What I didn't know was that the couple was us. Richard got up from his chair, got down on one knee, and in a very romantic voice, he asked me to marry him. It was made even more special because it was "Valentines Day". I started to get teary and then I was handed a lovely red rose, which happended to be my favourite flower and the colour was right also. Now I knew where the ring, which I thought I had lost, had gone, because up until now I had been trying to figure out a way to tell Richard that I had lot the ring. What a surprise, when I saw my ring, it was just like something he would do, he knew I loved surprises and this was the "biggest surprise" I had ever had in my life, and also a big relief that my ring wasn't lost afterall. What a relief".That night the fireworks literally did go off, like they say in the movies.


Our wedding was the best ever, better than even the first one. The day was 10th March, 1990, and my little niece, Rebecca, who had her 3rd birthday on that day, was our flowergirl. She looked absolutely adorable. My wedding dress was made of ducchess satin and shimmer organza, with opalescent sequins appliqued on the front of the dress, and it had a beautiful bustle on the back. I had a matching headpiece with a long veil. Everything went according to plan up until when I became unwell. I had been feeling a bit off colour but had put it down to nerves, but it was starting to feel like much more was going on than just a nervous wedding tummy. When we got to our Reception Hall at Roseville, which was just gorgeous the way they had it set up, I was too sick to even eat any of the beautiful food on the menu, which I had picked out myself, to eat . We had planned to go to Noosa in the morning to start our honeymoon at the new Sheraton Resort, and we both very excited. However, I had this feeling that something was going to happen and it wasn't good, but I chose not to say anything to my new husband, as I didn't want to worry him without reason.


We arrived at the Resort both excited to begin our honeymoon, but I still was feeling off colour, but determined not to let it mess things up for us. We had only been there a few hours before my condition worsened so much so that we had to call in a doctor. I was informed that I was the first person to have a Doctor visit them since the Resort had opened. I wasn't exactly proud of that fact. He informed me that I was far to ill to stay in the Resort and had me transferred to Nambour General Hospital. I felt so bad for Richard being left alone at the Sheraton, it wasn't fair on either of us. The next morning it was decided to transport me by air ambulance back to the Royal Brisbane Hospital in Brisbane. Poor Richard had to drive down to Brisbane by himself. I spent the next eight weeks in the Hospital, having had surgery in about the second week I was there. I spent another six weeks there recovering.

I hardly spent much time at home during the first three years of our married life. In fact, a lot of people doubted that our marriage would survive because I spent so much time away from home. However, over the years Richard and I have weathered many storms, and not of the kind that come with a loud band and rain and lightning. We've had to go through so much together, at times giving the other support to get through difficult things. Unfortunately, Richard has lost both of his parents, and mine are still alive. But he knew that I was there for him each time one of the passed away. My parents love him as if he was their own son. We have four girls in our family, so I think my Dad likes it when he can get with the boys at special events like Christmas and special family birthdays, and of course Fathers Day.


Richard has been my rock during all these rough times I have been ill. When I was diagnosed with MSA, he was there for me to give me support and I leant on him to get strengh to carry on.It .was very hard to hear that I had a terminal illness and both of us have taken a long time to accept this. He continues to give me valuable support in every way possible and I know that no matter what, he will always keep to the vows he made on our wedding day "in sickness or in health, for better or worse (boy did he cop a bunch with that one), So for the people who doubted we would make it this far, yes we did and we will be together until one of us leaves the other. On our wedding day we made a commitment to each other that we would be there until death do us part. We have always been so close with our thinking that we seem to come up with the same thoughts and ideas as each other all the time. I guess you could say we are soul mates, because without Richard there with me by my side, my life would be incomplete and very empty. I know my disease is terminal, but I plan to make the most of every day I have left with my beloved husband, and live each and everyone of them to the fullest. We celebrated 19 years of marriage this year so I think this proves without a doubt that we have made it, our marriage has been and will continue to be a successful one, all of this was possible as a result of my meeting and falling in love again, but this time, with the right man.

As a special tribute to my husband Richard, I would just like to say that I would never have got this far without him by my side giving me his love and support. Thankyou so much with all my heart, My Darling Woolly .



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    • Shelbie Leigh profile image

      Shelbie Leigh 

      9 years ago from Versailles, Missouri

      I hope that my love will be as wonderful as this :)

    • profile image

      Tammy Lochmann 

      9 years ago

      Nice tribute, glad you have someone for support when you need it.


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