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Walking: A Cathartic Way of Dealing With Divorce or Any Problem for that Matter

Updated on March 14, 2011

Take a Hike! and Deal With Divorce.

Divorce is difficult for anyone. There is a lot of emotion that you need to sort out and a lot of times, these emotions are new and unfamiliar. Dealing with such problems and distractions can lead to problems at work and also problems in the interpersonal relationships you may already have. You don't want to compound your situation by loosing your job or even possibly by alienating your current friends. So what do you do?

Take a hike! No, not literally, unless you'd like to do so...but go for a walk. I speak merely from personal experience. I went through a terribly nasty divorce and my saving grace was my time outdoors. I am not telling you that it solved my problems, but it did indeed help. I began to look forward to my time outdoors. It was my time. My time to reflect.

Think about it: you are trying to sustain a home, possibly kids, your finances, your job, your friends and at the same time you are dealing with emotional and legal pressures of divorce. That would drive anyone insane!

Go outside. Go on. Just try it out. If you take someone with you, walk in silence. You'll quickly start to feel the air fill your lungs. You'll breath deeply for the first time that day. You will relax. You will find that you mind will begin to clear and you will be able to more easily see your situation. You may even be able to properly put a name to those inner, plaguing, feelings bogging you down. Don't forget about the rush of endorphins that will sweep across your body. Had you been depressed before, you will find yourself smiling, if only in the moment. Give it a try. You'll be thankful you did and best of all: it's free.


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