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Ways to Spice Up a Relationship

Updated on March 12, 2012

There comes a time in everyone’s relationship to each other where things will hit a wall. You and your partner will feel l as there is no more spark left in the relationship. If, you find you relationship heading in a direction where things have become with your partner seems more like a chore than relationship then you need to make a change. Overtime relationships are supposed to become more passionate, so here five surefire ways to help get the sparks going back in your relationship.

1. Surprises- People love to give and get surprises. There is nothing like showing the one you love in a relationship how much you love and care about them. The ability to use surprises to show your partner how much you truly love them can be felt in the surprises that you offer them. It can deepen the bond in which you and your partner share. It doe s not have to be expensive a simple card or flowers always let them know you are thinking about them.

2. Romance- a romantic dinner every once in awhile will help your partner feel special. Doing this at a nice, formal restaurant or a romantic dinner at home. That includes their favorite music, scented candles, and dimmed lights to set just the right mood. Plan ahead and try to do something once a month just to let them know that you still love them will help keep the passion alive.

3. Quality Time- Quality time together is really beneficial. This does not mean the quality time you have together while watching TV or doing laundry. The quality time I’m speaking about is that extra time you spend in the morning snuggling with your love. That weekend hike through the forest. A nice long trip to try and get lost in a car. Allow time to get away and hold each other. These little trips will help you reduce stress and have a sense of belonging with you lover.

4. Special Occasions – Are always a great way to help your relationship move forward. It, could be your partners birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s day or any other important holiday in your lives. Plan them out in advance and it does not need to be a large surprise. Sometimes a dozen roses, a card and a box of chocolates on that special day go very far in letting them know how you feel about them.

5. Communication- Nothing revives a spark like being able to talk to your partner. The ability to be open and honest with how you feel about things is one of the keys to a successful relationship. This communication can result from something exciting happening in your day, something that resulted from a disagreement, or any hidden resentment that may need to be communicated. If, you continue to hold resentments from your partner these feelings will accumulate over time and only distance you from your love. Set time to communicate regularly about the positives and negatives of both your lives. Make a habit of listening to what your partner would like and be ready to respond.

Relationships are hard work, and for them to work both partners must be willing to work at it. If, one is working the other is not it will only create resentment. However, using the above ideas will help both of you start to share in the excitement of being together in one life. Thus, allowing you to find the spark that will ignite the passion once again.


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