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Stop Talking Stupid

Updated on October 10, 2019
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I attend the University of The Living. All my education comes from first-hand experience's life throws my way.

Why Be Nice About It?

Walking around using a negative attitude because one can not channel into finding a way to change their circumstances, has to be the most ignorant form of drama accepting behavior. There! I said it! Someone is being stupid. And let me explain why.

No one was born into a perfect world. I do not know what that is. What is understood is that we were all born innocent. We should all be allowed to live a happy, successful life. Something though always steps in the way. Our desires are challenged. Our dreams are crushed. But is it really that bad?

Keeping negative vibes about you seeps out into the universe where other negative energies are fed. These energies are living souls we call humans. There is no telling how many angry people live amongst us, but surely you know the one that can never find a moment of peace. All they see is the negative. Then all the talk that seeps from them is negative.

I can't do this.
I can't do that.
I am so stupid.
What is the matter with me!

Encountering negative people produces a wave of events that can turn your day into a shattered mess.

How many times did you wake up on the right side of the bed, cheerful run amuck finishing your errands, when at the grocery store here comes the grouchiest person? You know the one. They are sighing, complaining about the line, you are in their way, the lights are to bright, the sun is to high, and then complain about how nothing goes right for them.

By the time you leave the store, your mood has changed. You are not that happy person you once were when you walked into the store. Granted, you may not have your tail tucked between your legs, but that happy, vibrant giggle has since subsided and you just want to go home.

Negative thoughts + Negative Energy = Negative People

Turning It All Around

To remove negative, you must first decide what you want, do not want, and then allow it to happen. Trust me, it is easier done than said. And no. I did not say that backwards.

If you take on the approach of what you do not want in your life, then you have begun to train your brain to watch for the areas that destroy your peaceful day out.

Decide What You Do NOT Need

Let's say you decide to not hang with someone that puts other people down. Peacefully, you excuse yourself from the space this individual is in. What you did was reflect back onto what you want to be eliminated from your life. All for the comfort of peace and happiness.

Deciding to not entertain hatred, you remove the negative from your life. In return, you add good vibes in. Which will be the type of people you will attract.

Decide What You Do Want

Now that you are hanging with the right people, who lift you up in high hopes, and is there when you begin to feel blue, then you will see the negative people who can not change, will suddenly disappear. Not because you kicked them to the street. It will be because negative people need the same kind of company to keep them entertained. While you enjoy the comforts of harmony.

It Does Not Take Time

There is no time frame limit on changing from negative to positive. Decide right now what is best for you. What will bring the biggest smile to your face. Then put it into action. Sitting on it in hopes that negative will leave by itself with no work, is like hoping your car changes its own oil.

The Effects Will Be Greatly Felt

For yourself. Truth be told, I am not speaking for anyone except the person who is reading this. Look, negative energies have to run their own lives, and you have to run yours. To have to wait in agony that a fellow worker (or friend, family member, etc.) will stop vomiting negative, get up and away from their space. In time, the negative talker will learn from your actions that their behavior is not for you. And who cares what they think, if they are not worried about how depressing they make you feel.

Save Your Health

For what reason does anyone have to be brought down to the well of despair, doom, and gloom? There is none that can be found. And with that, it goes without saying, that your health can be greatly affected by the nonsense of others. Having learned this the hard way (mini-stroke), it did not take me long to begin the process of saying goodbye to all things un-beneficial to my overall happiness and health. It left me standing with fewer "friends", but the ones remaining, are truly a great support system. Now it is your turn to own a piece of this humble pie.


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