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We all go through things in life. All we need to do is "flip" the negative to positive.

Updated on August 1, 2014

Life is what you make it.

Mostly everyone that is born goes through things.

Some people have to go through really tough things, while

others may have life easy, but we may never know because we

don't know them.

Mistakes are lessons in life that help to improve our future.

I surely am no exception.

I made choices in what I have done in the past in my life.

I made choices of who I wanted to be around.

All the lessons I learned in my past made me realize

those lessons I do not want to go through them again.

If it is true, as we grow older we gain "wisdom", I am

hoping that is true.

Actually I think in my life, I know that gaining wisdom with

age is true.

I don't want to go back and change anything because

I would not be the person that I am today.

If I hadn't gone through the things I went through

I would never be doing the things I want to do in my life.

I learned that no matter what, if there are people that

aren't ambitious enough to grow and become successful,

those are not the people that I want to be around.

In the past people have stifled my growth because they

just didn't want to grow.

So I learn I have to move on and keep moving on.

There is the saying, "The best is yet to come".

Well I'm at the beginning of that saying and

I am very thankful in my own life.

I can live and breathe with the freedom I have today

and many people do not have the freedom I have.

Most of society is stuck in "jail society" and live

unhappy lives.

This is the one thing in my life that I am very thankful for.

I think for a fact if I didn't go through the things I went

through in the past, I wouldn't be doing the happy

things I like doing today.

Of course this is my life and I don't expect anyone to

live my life they way they live their lives.

I accept myself for who I am and so that has

helped me to find people that accept me the way I am.

This is another thing I am very thankful for.

People accepting me, just the way I am.

I like surrounding myself with "like minded" people

and people who aren't numbing zombies.

Life is very beautiful and in the last few months,

I am lucky to experience some experiences that

I have been experiencing in the last few months.

Every day I get to wake up with a fresh mind and

a fresh start and there is no one in my way.

So at this present time, I do see in this world

the beauty that is bestowed upon us in the world.

Even the little tiny flowers that blossom with the

warm weather it is indeed a small little blessing.

To enjoy life, even to sit and have a nice cup

of tea while watching the sunrise is one of

the best present that I get to receive everyday.

That I am thankful for.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.


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