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Wedding Day Beauty Advice for Brides

Updated on August 30, 2013
Wedding Day Beauty Advice
Wedding Day Beauty Advice | Source

Arranging Your Wedding

If you are planning your wedding day you will have many things to consider. Apart from venues and food, you need to sort out your dress, bridesmaids, cake, photographer and colour scheme. The list goes on.

Weddings can be stressful. The cost of everything, arrangements and making decisions can be a challenge. But for a bride, her wedding day is important. It needs to run smoothly and she has to look at her very best.

How Long Do You Have to Plan Your Wedding?

When it comes to health and beauty, the longer you have the more time you have to get your skin and body in order.

If you feel as though you want to get yourself in shape to feel gorgeous on your day, you need a little time. Weight loss should be done sensibly over a period of time.

You may just want to tone up areas which will be shown off, such as your arms.

A bride may also want to look radiant and glow naturally, without layers of makeup.

If you have less time until your wedding day, you can still do your best to lose that bloated feeling and refresh your skin.

Leading up to Your Big Day

If you want to lose a lot of weight then it is best to do this slowly over a longer period of time. Get some advice from a dietitian to do this safely.

If you want to shed a few pounds to improve your posture and silhouette, take a look at your diet and exercise routine.

Wedding Diet

Foods which are high in sugar, fat and salt can lead to weight gain or water retention if too much is consumed on a regular basis.

Processed food such as pre-packed meats, cakes and ready meals have hidden salt and calories.

Opt for food which is lower in saturated fat. Eat whole grains and unrefined carbohydrates (brown rice and brown bread), stop adding sugar to drinks and cereal, and avoid fatty pastries, pies, pizzas and chips.

Make sure you are having your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day and don’t skip meals. If you don’t have breakfast you will be looking for something to eat by mid-morning.

If you tend to snack then do some food swaps. Instead of having biscuits or crisps, have raisins and seeds. If you are out and about and feel peckish, buy a fruit smoothie rather than a chocolate bar.

Small changes don’t mean you have to go on a strict diet. Drink plenty of water and herbal tea to flush out your system and fill you up and you are stepping in the right direction to looking better.

If you have less time to start a new eating plan, start eating light. Have salads with fresh fish or chicken, stop having desserts and cut out salt and sugar. Have smaller portions at mealtimes and avoid fast food completely.

Don’t have biscuits with your mid-morning cup of tea and don’t snack in the evening after dinner.

Carry a bottle of water around with you and drink at regular times in the day.


As well as aiding a flatter stomach, which many brides want on their wedding day, changing your diet can also clear your skin.

Hydrate your body with 8 glasses of water throughout the day, or have caffeine free herbal and fruit teas. Your complexion will appear clearer and your skin less dry.

Beauty Sleep

Eliminate dark circles from your eyes by having 8 hours sleep each night. This isn't always easy for those who struggle, but rest when you can.

Avoid stimulants in the evening which could make drifting off to sleep difficult. Caffeine drinks such as coffee and cola give you false energy, which you don’t want at night.

Instead drink warm milky drinks (not alcohol), have a relaxing bath and use lavender aromatherapy oil aid relaxation. A must for stressed out brides to be!

Protect from the Elements

Harsh weather conditions can make skin red and flaky. The contrast between the cold outdoors and heat inside from central heating can dry out your skin, making it feel tight.

Protect yourself by layering on a good moisturiser suitable for your skin type. Wear a scarf and a hat when out in the cold, and keep yourself hydrated when indoors.

In the sunshine, always use a sunscreen. Avoid sunburn before your big day.

If your wedding dress is strapless, make sure you don’t get white strap marks on your shoulders leading up to your wedding day. Cover up, use plenty of sun block, or wear strapless tops when you are out and about in the sun.

Skin Complaints

See your doctor if you suffer from acne, eczema or any other skin problem. Do this at least 6 months before your wedding day so that problem areas can be controlled in plenty of time.

If you have an occasional breakout, ward off those zits with some beauty tips:

  • Always cleanse skin before bed. Use a mild cleanser or facial wash. Never sleep in your makeup.
  • Use natural witch hazel to cleanse spots and blackheads.
  • Use a good moisturiser day and night which suits your skin type. If your skin is very dry, try a rich cream or E45. If your skin is greasy, use an oil control moisturiser. For sensitive skin use a fragrance free mild cream.
  • Use pore cleansing nose strips to clear blackheads, and a cleansing face mask every 2 to 3 weeks. Don't use your face mask too close to your wedding day, as it may draw out your spots.
  • Give your skin a rest from makeup leading up to the wedding day. Makeup can clog up pores causing blackheads and dry out skin.

Choosing Your Wedding Makeup
Choosing Your Wedding Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Never try out new makeup on the day of your wedding. Your skin could react to it (and the last thing you want is a breakout in spots or watery eyes as you walk down the aisle). You should also practice your makeup and style in advance so you're not wasting time experimenting on the morning of your wedding day!

Wear makeup which you feel comfortable in. If you are not used to wearing it, try it out on the lead up to the day. If you want to wear concealer, foundation and powder then make sure it isn’t layered too thick.

Otherwise, use concealer or BB cream for a translucent look and powder to control shine.

Only conceal areas which need concealing, such as dark circles under your eyes or spots. Check the shade in natural daylight so you don’t have orange tide lines around your jaw.

Shimmering eye shadow can reflect on the camera flash, so use a matt finish. A light shade of blusher will give you that glowing bride appearance.

Experiment with colours and shades to suit your colour scheme and style of wedding. A summer bride may want a light look, while a winter bride may want to be striking. It’s down to personal choice and your wedding theme.

Accessorize your hair with a tiara and veil
Accessorize your hair with a tiara and veil | Source

Bride Hair

Look after your locks leading up to your wedding day.

Long hair needs regular trims to get rid of dry, split ends. Coloured hair needs to be moisturised, so use a conditioner on the ends and deep condition every two or three weeks.

Try out new colours or styles in plenty of time before the wedding, so anything you don’t like can be corrected.

If you don’t have the time beforehand, freshen with a colour shampoo (which matches the shade of your hair) to add a glossy shine and don’t get a drastic haircut.

Short hair can be accessorised with tiaras, flowers, grips or a veil. If it has a bit of length try adding waves or straighten with mini hair straighteners. Or get extensions if you want to do something more with it.

Try different styles with a professional hair stylist and get some ideas from magazines.

Tone up for Your Wedding Day

It is never too late to start exercising if you don’t already.

Cardiovascular exercise burns calories and weights tone muscle.

Do a mixture of cardio and toning exercise each week. Try 20 minutes of jogging, trampolining, aerobics or swimming 3 times a week as well as using weights to tone arms.

If you don't have time for exercise, make some changes to your routine.

  • Try walking (or cycling) to work or to the local shops if you can, or go for romantic evening strolls with your finance.
  • Climb the stairs rather than using the lift, such as at work.
  • Think of the calories you'll be burning when you are doing housework! Turn chores into a daily workout.

Corsets flatter a bride's figure
Corsets flatter a bride's figure | Source

Magic Underwear

If you don't have time to lose weight, then cheat! What you wear can give you a great shape.

Wedding dresses with a corset top will instantly pull you in to give you a slimmer shape. Make sure it is comfortable for you, especially when you are sitting down.

If your dress does not have a boned bodice you might want some underwear which will pull your tummy in.

Corsets and long line bras can be flattering and give you a feminine shape. They lift and enhance your bust and flatten the tummy, making you look slimmer.

Look like a bride on your wedding day
Look like a bride on your wedding day | Source

Look Gorgeous on the Day!

Make sure you carry out a beauty regime on the morning of your wedding to look and feel confident.

  • Exfoliate and moisturise your body. Don’t use new products which may irritate your skin.
  • Use a glimmering powder or body spray to give a subtle sheen to shoulders and arms. Ensure it gives off a healthy glow rather than looking like fake glitter.
  • Don’t forget your deodorant (and remove underarm hair) so you don’t sweat on your day.
  • Choose a perfume you like. Don’t use too much if it’s an overpowering scent.
  • Use a sprinkling of talc, especially if you are wearing a corset. The heat may make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Make sure lips are moisturised by using Vaseline in the morning of your wedding day. If you are wearing lipstick make sure the Vaseline is absorbed so it doesn't slide off.
  • Don’t forget to have your nails done. Have a manicure, French polish or gels. Details such as gems or a flower on your wedding finger make your nails look pretty.
  • Get your teeth polished by your dental hygienist before your wedding. This will remove stains and give you a perfect smile.
  • Don’t cake on your makeup. Too much will show up fine lines and look unnatural.
  • Ensure you have removed body and/or facial hair. Waxing and plucking can make skin red and inflamed, so do this prior to the day.
  • Use lots of hairspray! You want your style to last you to the evening.
  • Stand tall. Don’t hunch your shoulders and keep your head up. This will make you look elegant in your wedding gown.
  • Smile! All eyes are on you, so enjoy your happy day.


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    • Emma Harvey profile imageAUTHOR

      Emma Kisby 

      6 years ago from Berkshire, UK

      Hi noorin - congratulations! I bet you are getting excited (and nervous). I got married in August and have plenty of advice on HP. But feel free to ask me anything - I'll help if I can! Thanks so much for the follow too :)

    • noorin profile image


      6 years ago from Canada

      Emma, my wedding is coming up and your hub was definitely beneficial. I will keep the tips in mind but I ll probably come back to ask you questions if I run into bridal dilemma. Voted it up and will be following you.

    • Emma Harvey profile imageAUTHOR

      Emma Kisby 

      6 years ago from Berkshire, UK

      Hi Leah - I read the tip about talc before my wedding day and I was glad of it. It was such a hot day and I wore a corset dress and a corset longline bra! I was surprisingly comfortable but very glad to get it off at the end of the day!

    • leahlefler profile image

      Leah Lefler 

      6 years ago from Western New York

      It is always a good idea to take care of the "raw material" (your body) through diet and exercise before the big day! I love the idea of using talc - I had a corset under my wedding dress and it was hot and miserable. I was SO glad to get rid of it at the end of the day!

    • Emma Harvey profile imageAUTHOR

      Emma Kisby 

      6 years ago from Berkshire, UK

      Thank you so much dinkan53. Glad it was helpful!

    • dinkan53 profile image


      6 years ago from India

      The advices are really cool, so impressive and very helpful. I appreciate your work and thanks for sharing it up.

    • Emma Harvey profile imageAUTHOR

      Emma Kisby 

      6 years ago from Berkshire, UK

      Hi CassyLu - thank you so much! I loved my dress - I bought the first one I tried on. Good luck for when you do renew your vows.

      Thanks for sharing :)

    • CassyLu1981 profile image


      6 years ago from Spring Lake, NC

      Emma that dress is stunning!!! I didn't get to wear a dress :( but on the day we renew our vows I will be coming back to this hub and using your advice!!! Voted up and shared :)


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