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Wedding Favors 101

Updated on November 12, 2010

Types and Themes of wedding favors

Types of wedding favors: edible wedding favors, personalized, by theme or season, heritage

Personalized wedding favors: personalized golf tee's with bride and groom's name printed, personalized candy bars and water bottles

Fill clear tins with color coordinated candies or mints

Disposable cameras can be ordered to match your wedding theme

Themes of wedding favors: Asian, beach, Vegas, princess fairytale, garden

Vegas themed wedding favors: Deck your wedding guest.....with a deck of personalized playing cards, poker chips or dice

Asian themed wedding favors: Asian fans, cherry blossoms, double happiness symbol, chopsticks, or customized fortune cookies

Fairytale Princess themed wedding favors: incorporate Cinderella's carriage. Carriage candles, glass slippers filled with candy

Beach themed wedding favors: starfish or seashell picture frames, flip flops, or monogrammed water bottles

Garden themed wedding favors: seed packets, cookies in shape of teapots, or different types of flowers, incorporate butterflies with butterfly cookie cutters, butterfly votive candles or key chains.

" Wedding Planning with ease! Yippee "

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A little goes a long way: make your own wedding favors

How To Make Wedding Favor Sachets: tulle is sold cheapest by the yard, instead of buying pre-cut tulle circles sold in craft stores. Once you decide if you want to cut the tulle in squares or circles, cut one medium sized piece and test it out. Once you are sure of the size, use that piece as a guide for the other pieces of tulle you will cut. You can fill them with rose petals, candy, potpourri, and more for your wedding favors. After you fill center of tulle square with whatever you choose, gather tulle at top and tie with a customized ribbon with bride and groom's name on it, or use satin ribbon.

Wedding Favor Boxes: Buy inexpensive plain favor boxes and blank labels or stickers. Print your logo, monogram, or motif on your stickers and stick on favor boxes. Add a sweet treat inside, and bling the outside with rhinestone adhesives.

Divide and Conquer: If you are undecided, and have chosen two types of wedding favors, split them down the middle by number. 100 of one type and 100 of the other.

Are you looking for, or have chosen your wedding favors by type, style, or theme?


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