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Wedding Favors Personalized Matches

Updated on April 9, 2011

Wedding favors personalized matches are a cheap method to add some individuality and dash of personality to a wedding reception. Today, there are hundreds of wedding favors to tempt the modern bride and many people are opting for the unconventional because traditional favors can seem downright boring in comparison. Wedding budgets are usually strained and unexpected costs seem to always occur. It is critical to take advantage of every opportunity to save money especially if it can be done without compromising style or quality. Wedding favors personalized matches will offer savings without sacrifice.

Receptions are the way for a bride and groom to interact and thank their family and friends for being present on their special day and wedding favors can play a big part in this. A popular trend for weddings is to leave small gifts for these special people as a reminder of the ceremony they were a part of. This is actually affordable because of the wide range of cheap wedding favors on the market. It is even possible to use two or more favors together and this is where wedding favor matches really shine. A shot glass wedding favor makes a great votive candle holder and these personalized matches can accompany this. Guests can be encouraged to use them to light the candle in honor of the bride and groom at some specified time during the reception.

For any design theme or concept that a wedding planner can create there are wedding favors personalized matches to meet the demand. The type of packaging used for them varies and ranges from the traditional slipcase box design to triangular boxes to two-piece barrel shapes. Of course, they all can be customized with script, colors, foil highlights, or even photos. Whatever sentiment of thanks of remembrance the newlyweds wish to give it can be done.

Price of Wedding Favor Matches

The price of these favors is a key selling point. They are incredibly affordable. A budget can easily afford to buy a bulk order. Simple matchbooks will generally start at around twenty cents each with match boxes running close to a dollar apiece. The fancy upright barrels with slip cover lids are the most expensive and can run between $2 and $3 each. There is usually a single type of a combination of styles that can be had to keep the pocketbook from emptying out.

Weddings are a joyous time, but often end up full of stress. Timing and unexpected events can ruin months of planning. Wedding favors personalized matches will relieve some mental and financial strain. They can be ordered, customized, and delivered in plenty of time for the big day. If there are no local shops that supply them than online retailers like Amazon are reliable alternatives. For a unique favor, consider humble wedding matches this year.


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