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Wedding Flowers Part IV-The Meaning Of Flowers

Updated on March 10, 2014
Bouquet Of Brightly Coloured Flowers
Bouquet Of Brightly Coloured Flowers | Source

"Flowers are the sweetest thing God ever made and forgot to put a soul into."~Henry Ward Beecher



Many people have certain preferences and ideas in mind when it comes to selecting flowers for their wedding. Depending on the time of year you are getting married there are a plethora of flower choices to select from. You can choose roses, carnations, dendrobium orchids, cymbidium orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, cattleya orchids (to name a few), gardenias, stephanotis, freesia, rubrum (stargazer) lilies, casablanca lilies and the list goes on and on.

Did you know that over the years, many meanings have been attached to certain flowers and colours? In the fourth and final installment of our Wedding Flowers series we will be taking a fun look at flowers and their meanings. However, the information in this article should in no way hinder you from choosing your favorite flowers for your special day, regardless of their meaning.

Different Coloured Roses
Different Coloured Roses | Source

The Society Of American Florists

In days gone by, many associated the types and colours of flowers to certain meanings. Today people attach their own meanings to flowers and pretty much anything goes. The Society of American Florists has compiled a list of the historical meanings of various flowers from different sources. Many of the floral varieties listed are still popular today for wedding arrangements and bridal bouquets.

Flowers And Their Meanings

-Alstroemeria means aspiring

-Amaryllis means dramatic

-Anemone means fragile

-Apple Blossom means promise

-Aster means contentment

-Azalea means abundance

-Baby's Breath means festivity

-Bachelor Button means anticipation

-Begonia means deep thoughts

-Black-Eyed Susan means encouragement

-Camellia means graciousness


pink means gratitude

red means flashy

striped means refusal

white means remembrance

yellow means cheerful


bronze means excitement

white means truth

red means sharing

yellow means secret admirer

-Cosmos means peaceful

-Crocus means foresight

-Daffodil means chivalry

-Delphinium means boldness

-Daisy means innocence

-Freesia means spirited

-Forget-Me-Not means remember me forever

-Gardenia means joy

-Geranium means comfort

-Ginger means proud

-Gladiolus means strength of character

-Heather means solitude

-Hibiscus means delicate beauty

-Holly means domestic happiness

-Hyacinth means sincerity

-Hydrangea means perseverance

-Iris means inspiration

-Ivy means fidelity

-Jasmine means grace and elegance

-Larkspur means beautiful spirit

-Lavender means distrust

-Lilac means first love


-Calla means regal

-Casablanca means celebration

-Day means enthusiasm

-Stargazer means ambition

-Lisianthus means calming

-Magnolia means dignity

-Marigold means desire for riches

-Nasturtium means patriotism

-Orange Blossom means fertility

-Orchid means delicate beauty

-Pansy means loving thoughts

-Passion Flower means passion

-Peony means healing

-Poppy means consolation

-Queen Anne's Lace means delicate femininity

-Ranunculus means radiant

-Rhododendron means beware


pink means friendship

red means passionate love

red and white means unity

white means purity

yellow means jealousy

-Snapdragon means presumptuous

-Star of Bethlehem means hope

-Stephanotis means good luck

-Statice means success

-Sunflower means adoration

-Sweetpea means shyness

-Tuberose means pleasure


pink means caring

purple means royalty

red means declaration of love

white means forgiveness

yellow means hopelessly in love

-Violet means faithfulness

-Wisteria means steadfast

-Yarrow means good health

-Zinnia means thoughts of friends


Hopefully you have enjoyed this final segment of our Wedding Flowers series. Attaching meanings to flowers is really all about your own personal experiences. Having certain feelings and emotions towards particular flowers is normal. For example, the first time your love gave you a beautiful peach coloured rose or a fragrant gardenia may still be etched in your mind. Whatever your own personal preferences may be, just remember that any type of flower will be a beautiful addition to your wedding day.

Variety Of Orchids
Variety Of Orchids | Source
Rubrum Lily
Rubrum Lily | Source
Different Coloured Carnations
Different Coloured Carnations | Source
Calla Lily
Calla Lily | Source
Different Coloured Freesia
Different Coloured Freesia | Source
Different Coloured Hydrangeas
Different Coloured Hydrangeas | Source


Do you believe in the meaning of flowers?

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The Meaning Of Flowers

Meaning Of Roses


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    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 3 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Thank you for stopping by poetryman6969! Flowers do carry different meanings but not everyone subscribes to them. I remember a friend had received a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses from her husband and she was extremely upset because she had heard that they represented jealousy. He felt so badly that he went out and purchased red roses for her instead. Personally, I liked the yellow roses better, lol. Take care and have a great day! -Rose

    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 3 years ago

      It seems like it would be very easy to send the wrong message with the wrong flower!

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Thank you so much for stopping by Peggy. I really appreciate your kind words and support! I love Lillie's of the Valley also. Take care and have a wonderful evening. -Rose

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

      I wanted lilies of the valley at our wedding. This is interesting about the meaning of flowers. Voted up and interesting.

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      It is always a pleasure when you stop by DDE. I thank you so much for all of your kind words and support! Take care and have an awesome day! -Rose

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      A super collection of wedding flowers and great choices for anyone interested in their big day. You always manage to write such great hubs and I enjoy reading and learning more about your titles. Voted up, interesting, also a useful hub indeed.

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Hello Rajan thank you for stopping by and for your continued support. It is always greatly appreciated. I find the meanings of flowers quite interesting, also. Take care and have an awesome evening. -Rose

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Gorgeous flowers here and I love flowers of any kind, color and hue. Interesting learning about their meanings too.

      Voted up.

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Thank you so much for stopping by RNMSN, I really appreciate it! Take care and have an awesome day! -Rose

    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 4 years ago from Tucson, Az

      wonderful hub Rose! My favourites are Iris and Oxalis (shamrock)

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words! I have to agree that flowers are better enjoyed by the living. Thank you for your "good luck" wishes for my course, I can certainly use it. Hugs and kisses to Little Tiffy and Gabe. They certainly are lucky cats. Take care and enjoy your walk on the beach. -Rose

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 4 years ago

      Well I absolutely love and adore flowers and I think they are meant for the living so I'd rather see them at weddings over funerals. You may just as well leave a box of chocolates at the funeral because the dead isn't going to see or smell the flowers.

      I love the heart and passion that you put into every hub presentation Rose but you should embellish your hub name a bit and call yourself

      ROSE THE ULTIMATE PLANNER and I will share and link once again with much honor and enthusiasm this most beautiful hub on my FB wall for all to see and read.

      Off to the beach again where my cat Gabe is sitting looking at the water - he is deaf and is on a leash and Little Tiffy is out back lounging in the sun - so remember when you get reincarnated, lol, come back as a cat.

      Sending to you my warmest wishes and good karma from Colin and his furried pals at lake erie time ontario canada 6:25pm

      and good luck with the course you are taking Rose

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Thank you so much Alicia, I really appreciate it! Take care! -Rose

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      The list of flowers and their meanings is very interesting, Rose. The photos are beautiful, too!

    • rose-the planner profile image

      rose-the planner 4 years ago from Toronto, Ontario-Canada

      Thank you so much for stopping by Pandula77. Take care!

    • pandula77 profile image

      Dr Pandula 4 years ago from Norway


      I wish I had read this before my wedding. I remember how my wife and me went around in search of the perfect fresh flower arrangement and yes we found it. However, we never knew that it has much more meaning that its appearance and smell!

      Thanks for the hub!