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Wedding Gift Ideas That Will Last As Long As The Marriage

Updated on September 2, 2009

Wedding Gift Ideas

Getting married is a special event in anyone’s life. For the happy couple it is the beginning of their life together and, if you are friends with one or both of them, you will want to get them a memorable wedding gift to mark their big day.

It is always tempting to get them something utilitarian that will be of use to them immediately in their new home. There’s nothing wrong with that, the bride and groom will no doubt find good use for the selection of toasters, coffee makers and blenders that they receive. These are genuinely useful gifts and will help to ease the financial burden of setting up home together. However, most of these items will eventually cease to function.

In a similar vein, the latest trendy gadget, the iPod, the great plasma TV, the Amazon Kindle reader that you just know they would both love has a shelf life. It will eventually either stop working or just become outdated as a newer model takes it place.

Ideally, the perfect wedding gift should last for the duration of the marriage. It should be something that will give pleasure and evoke memories of their happy day for many years to come. So coffee makers and plasma TVs (not even one of the really big ones) won’t really cut it will they?

If you know the bride and groom well you will probably have a good idea of their tastes and preferences. In such a case you could consider a nice piece of artwork. It could be a picture or an ornament. Given that it is intended to have some longevity, it should not be too modish, classical designs that will stand the test of time will work best.

You could also consider a crystal vase or a piece of silverware. Both glass pieces and silverware can be engraved with a message – or a favourite verse if you prefer. Canteens of quality cutlery are always very popular. They last forever and you can have a special message included in the lid – or even affix an engraved plate to the box.

Other options might be a nice photo album or even a scrapbook for the happy couple to collect their photos or scrapbook memories in. Again, have a special message embossed on the cover for them or written inside. You can even write it by hand if you wish – it is a very personal gift after all.

Whatever you choose, remember to pick a gift that will last a lifetime – like their marriage. 

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    • Jen4Weddings profile image

      Jen4Weddings 8 years ago from Canada

      I liked these ideas, great suggestions for those who look for unique wedding gifts. Thanks for sharing!